10 Things that you can do to be the hottest guy

If you want to be the hottest guy, then you have to do things differently from others. Of course, there is only one benefit for this, and that is getting some attention from girls. Otherwise, the other percentage of men do it for fashion and to maintain brand image.

The thing is that girls are not the same. So some will be impressed by how you look while others will seem to like how you dress, walk, or talk. But of course, there are those small details that the majority of girls find attractive. Apart from good looks, your hotness can also be reflected by tiny details that girls take seriously.

Ten things that will help you be the hottest guy

Start with a good haircut

As a man, a fresh hair cut brings good looks to you. But you need to be very careful not to overdo it. This is because some hairstyles will have you looking like a clown but not a serious man. So if you want to be the hottest guy, start with an elegant and mature haircut. Ladies will start appreciating your good looks if you have a beautiful hair cut.

Something sweet and not very simple to make a difference between you and the other men.

What you talk is what you attract

Always make sure that you do not use curse words. You may be hot on the outside, but most women will be turned off. Besides, using the right language enhances your good side of life.
It’s useless to have good looks but use offensive language. This not attractive at all, and only a few girls will come close to you.

A little bit of cologne

If you want to be the hottest guy to your girl, then do not use a lot of cologne. Some girls love natural smelling men. A pleasant smell of cleanliness that is not necessarily from perfumes or anything else.
If you must use cologne, then do not overdo it. Besides, ladies feel threatened by men that use a lot of time looking after their selves. Also, don’t forget to take care of your clothes and shoes.


Tattoos are fun for most girls. However, not every girl will notice men with tattoos as it depends on personal preference. If you have beautiful biceps, then there is nothing wrong with getting a tattoo. Also, the type of tattoo that you will get may determine your hotness.

Having a dog

Be The Hottest Guy,

Another great way to be the hottest guy that you can be in the town of a dog. This might sound stupid, but it works almost all the time. Taking care of a dog is not easy, and that’s why most women find such men attractive. If you can afford your filth and take good care of a dog, then girls will start seeing you like a grown-up man

Make her laugh

There is something about funny men that makes women want to stick around them. Maybe it’s probably because they make them laugh, which helps in forgetting the troubles of life. If you have good jokes, then winning the heart of a woman will be a straightforward task for you.

Become the Mr. nice guy

Being a bad boy will only attract troubles in your life. Most girls do not want to be a part of that. But being a nice boy doesn’t necessarily mean that you become weak or a bitch.
But you always know how to avert trouble. Have you ever seen actors that look hot in soap operas taking the role of bad boys? The answer is no or very rare to find because that is not a suitable role for someone with good looks.

Play an instrument

The easiest thing that you can do to become the hottest guy is to learn how to play an instrument. A guitar is one of the best to start with. Also, you can learn to play the keyboard or a violin. Women find men that play such instruments very attractive. As I said before, good looks alone are not enough to make you be the hottest guy. You still need other add on such as playing something that girls like.

Look important

A Simple trick such as looking important can help you if you want to become one of the hottest. You can easily achieve this by wearing clean clothes and having something to do. If you are keen, you might have noticed that girls do not like idle people.

Physical exercises are essential

I’m not talking about those hard exercises that boxers and other athletes do. But something to keep you at least fit and active. Besides, you need to eat healthily and take care of your skin. All these small details can make a difference when it comes to making you attractive.