12 Daily Habits to Look Attractive for Men

Relationships are complicated, but attraction doesn’t have to be. Some changes look attractive for men if done the right way.

If you find it very hard to get the attention of girls (or guys, if you’re inclined that way), here are 12 easy habits to look more attractive.

Cultivate Your Poise

Perhaps your parents told you to sit straighter, hold your shoulders high, and walk with confidence. They were right, and I will also add that how you carry yourself reflects who you are.

⦁ Don’t slouch when sitting. Not only does it reflect poor confidence and a weak spirit, but it is also very bad for your back.
⦁ Hold your shoulders high when standing on or walking.
⦁ Do not lean on walls or posts, and don’t fidget around if you have to wait in a queue.

Have you ever wondered why the Japanese are so imposing? Even their oldest men carry themselves in a certain way, which they call ‘seiza’.

Do your research on good posture, and work hard on cultivating it every day of your life. The ladies will certainly notice.

Be Engaging

Former US President Bill Clinton was known to be an extremely charming man. So much so, that he had a reputation for being able to get anyone to bed if he wished.

Part of his charm was the ability to make everyone feel special like they were the only ones in the world at that time.

People who interacted with him would often talk about how he noticed small things about them or commented on something about their personal life. He put a lot of work into learning something special about people, and that made him engaging. Girls like to be the centre of attention, so give them that.

Another way to be truly engaging is by maintaining eye contact. If you didn’t learn to do that as a child, it is time to put in some effort. It might feel creepy, and indeed there is a right and wrong way to do it.

Proper and effective eye contact was another of Clinton’s ace in the hole. It is said to have helped his elections, and it will help you win hearts.

Dress Well

Habits to Look Attractive, Attractive for men

I cannot emphasize this strongly enough. If you haven’t heard it yet, ladies form a first impression of you in the first seven seconds of meeting you. You’ve got to make those seconds count!

4 Dressing Tips for More Attractive Men

⦁ The first part of dressing well, for a man, is the shoes. They tell 80% of the story about how well you take care of yourself. From my experience, every man should also have a few pairs of boots.
⦁ The fit of your clothing and comfort are the most important points here.
⦁ Choose the fabric with care. Aim for comfort. Cotton may be more expensive, but you will be more comfortable in it and appear calmer.
⦁ Pay attention to social norms. You will look like a jerk if you go on a first date in jeans.
⦁ Exercise, Eat Healthy, Get Enough Sleep

Exercise and proper diet are universally attractive men’s habits. A man who takes care of himself is more attractive to men of any age and calibre. Here are a few pointers.

How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle to be More Attractive

⦁ Exercise to be healthy, not to get a killer body. While women do like six-packs and all, you don’t have to spend 30 hours a week in the gym to be attractive.

⦁ Jog a lot, lift weights, do aerobics. The internet has a lot of free fitness lessons that you can use to achieve your goals.

⦁ Eat healthy. Don’t eat out every day, rather, take some time to prepare home-cooked meals. Girls find that very sexy.
⦁ Get enough beauty sleep each night. A well-rested man performs well in everything.
The same lifestyle tips you hear from coaches are also great tips to look attractive for men.

Be Approachable and Kind

No, that ‘bad boy’ or ‘gangsta’ attitude won’t get you laid. There’s too much pain and suffering around for you to be a jerk. Be polite, kind and helpful.

Most of the girls you meet will be at your workplace, school, or even your neighbours. Say hi, offer to carry stuff for them, and generally be a good sport about everything.

Think of it as a long-term investment; it will pay endless dividends in the future. Unlike what many men think, girls take notice of good guys and file them up for later use.

Just be the go-to person when help is needed. It is a sure-fire way to look attractive for men in every way.

Be Empathetic

Another major way to look attractive for men is to be empathetic. This is the real deal here, and it’s a tactic that I have used countless times. It pays to have your ‘emotion sensors’ on high alert.
By being empathetic, you build trust not only with the people you talk to but also with those around you. You will get points for being nice, and it will help you get into the pants later on.

However, don’t forget to keep the inner bad boy alive and kicking. When the opportunity comes, being nice might result in you being friend-zoned forever. You don’t want that.

Carry a Positive Energy

Powerful men know that positivity is a wonderful way that men can look attractive. That ‘can do’ attitude is very important for success in life, as well as in getting laid.

Women like a man who is positive and inspiring because he looks and sounds like the man who’s going places.

Don’t be the kind of guy who is always shooting down plans with a ‘no can’t do’. Eventually, you start to sound like a killjoy, and nobody wants that. Even fellow dudes will start to avoid you.

Be Extra, do More

As a guy, you’re called to be so much more. The key to being attractive is standing out. Most people are happy to be average, letting their lives draw out in a long existential crisis.

One of the most attractive men’s habits is the ability to go the extra mile.

What I’m saying in so many long words is this: remember people’s important days. Buy that ignored girl flowers.

Make life interesting for other people, and they will do the same for you.

Ladies like a man who’s imaginative and creative. It is one way you will look attractive as a man.

Don’t just be another Joe or Pete, because that lady has probably been with tens of those and wants to try something new. After all, simple is boring, right?

Be Funny

Women find a funny man more attractive compared to the serious type. Research about this has been carried out regarding this matter, including a speed-dating contest involving 100 students.

The results were conclusive. The more humorous subjects scored higher on ratings than their fellows. Humour is an invisible habit for attractive men.

Being funny doesn’t mean lame pick up lines and dry bar jokes. It is all about being in touch with your lighter self.

Express Yourself

Something as simple as being able to say what you want looks very attractive for men. Just like in everyday life, you’ve got to learn how to express yourself.

Being able to speak what you feel and what you want plays a big role in how attractive you are. A man who fumbles about with words is instantly a turn off to ladies.

How to Express Yourself Better

⦁ Practice a lot in front of a mirror.
⦁ Get your sisters, female cousins, and female friends to help you out. Learn how to be open and expressive with them.
⦁ You probably sound better than you feel, don’t sweat it out too much.
⦁ Always be open about what you feel.
⦁ If you feel that you need it, speak to a professional.

Limit Your Drinking, Don’t Smoke

We are no longer in the ‘70s and ‘80s when smoking was cool and all. Nowadays, it makes you look like a directionless man who doesn’t care about himself. Do I need to remind you that smoking is bad for your health?

The same thing more or less applies to your drinking as well as other ways you get high. I’m not saying don’t do it, but you should be able to remain functional when it is warranted.

It is not sexy to be broke and homeless, and excessive substance abuse will get you there so fast you won’t notice it. Being a useless drunk is definitely not a habit for attractive men, so get ahold of yourself.

Be Passionate

Go to Italy and Spain, and you will get a lesson in passion. There is something that those guys like to refer to as ‘fire’ or ‘spirit’. You can tell from the way they talk, from their beliefs, and how they do things.

Be passionate about something. Do you love collecting stamps? Let it shine through. Are you a diehard soccer fan? It is not a crime.

Passion looks attractive for men. Women love a man who shows fire and zeal, so don’t hide it.


Sometimes it may feel like the ladies won’t give you the chance to show what a good and likeable guy you are. However, you must know that everything is all about marketing.

These 12 habits for attractive men will help you market yourself better so that you can get what you want from people.

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