12 items that will force her to compliment you

If you want to get her to compliment you, then there are some particular items or things that you need to do. It’s easy for men to get compliments from women, but only a few people know what it takes. You don’t have to do the impossible as women will appreciate even tiny things.

The Importance of getting her to compliment you

Okay, let’s be honest here. Why are you looking for compliments from a lady? Most of us men try to get compliments from women that we are trying to win their hearts.
The main important thing about doing this is that we get to establish good relationships with them. This can be in terms of helping each other at school or at the workplace.

Women are significant in our lives as men. We should always take their feedback positively and use it to improve ourselves. Moreover, if you are unable to make her compliment you, then you can ask politely on areas that you should upgrade.

The following 12 things will get her to compliment you easily.

be polite

The easiest way to get compliments from women is by being polite. Being polite shows that you have an excellent heart. This is what most people are always looking for. You will receive compliments such as you are so fresh and kind. There are many ways of becoming polite.

  • Listening and understanding
  • Avoid finger-pointing
  • Remember to say sorry and please
  • Avoid using negative words
  • Soften your statements by using the little word

If you are speaking to a girl, then don’t be too direct. This is because using such type of language makes you seem very aggressive. A lot of women get turned off by the offensive language. Always use a generous tone when speaking to them, and you will receive tons of compliments by the end of the day.

Put on your best outfit

Putting on your best gear can get her to compliment you easily. Women like those men that have a sense of style. You can quickly achieve this by having your own unique style. If you are well-groomed, nothing can stop you from receiving compliments.

If you want to look good wearing any outfit, then do not mix colours. Also, you need to clean your outfits regularly. Furthermore, you should always make sure that your clothes are well ironed.
Wearing your best outfit also increases your confidence around women. Moreover, this confidence will help you to stand out more than other men. They love men that have lots of confidence.

Compliment her first

If you want her to compliment you, then you should learn how to compliment other people first. It doesn’t cost you anything to compliment other people for doing something very lovely or dressing well. If you get used to complementing people, then you will get much back.

Complimenting her first will break the dead ice. So she will not be afraid to tell you her honest opinions. Furthermore, it will bring you two closer in such a way that you are always honest with each other. Appreciating looks is highly recommended for this case. However, you should also learn to see different things that most people do not realize about her.

Put on that beautiful smile

Putting on a great smile most of the time will attract people in your life. They will start by complimenting your beautiful smile, and before you know it, you two are best friends. Smiles are among the top things that are often appreciated by people of your opposite gender.
Smiles can make change her moods hence increasing the chances of you two becoming friends if you put on a smile every day whether you are at school or your workplace. However, there are a few things that you should observe first. For instance, you should brush your teeth at least twice a day to maintain fresh breath.

You can also use teeth whiteners so that you can have a pleasant smile. A mouth spray will also help in eradicating a lousy breadth.

Help her

Another easy way to get her to compliment you is by giving her a helping hand. Most ladies are always in need of help, especially when it comes to things that require a lot of muscle. For instance, you can help her by lifting massive staff in the office.
Some ladies will need help with tech-savvy things. This can be staff, such as fixing her car or even a motorcycle. Helping someone does not cost anything, and it’s the best way to receive recognition.

Ask her for a date

When you increase the time that you spend with her, she will start noticing your strengths. Also, she will begin to appreciate you for who you are rather than the first impression only.
You can take her out for a drink, movies, or her favourite spot. This is the best way to get close to someone that you want to notice you quickly. However, you should note that the way you present yourself during this date will determine a lot on the compliments that you are going to receive.

be unique

If you have something that is unique from other people, then you will end up receiving a lot of compliments. This can be the way you dress or carry out your own personal things.
People that do not receive lots of compliments do not have any unique features. It’s easy for people to notice you because you have a unique feature. Also, you will receive compliments for being unique rather than copying other people’s styles.

If you want to be unique, then try the following tips.

⦁ Have your own fashion style
⦁ Build confidence
⦁ Have the great hair cut
⦁ Wear accessories
⦁ Tattoo

Always be kind to her

There are many ways of helping a woman. For example, you can bring her lovely flowers and gifts. Do this without expecting something in return, and you will get a lot of compliments. For instance, “you are so romantic,” “loving,” and so on.
Another simple way to be nice to a woman is by being nice to her friends. We all have peers that influence how we see other people. So if she has influential peers, they might change how she compliments you. All this depends on how you will treat her friends.

Wear your best accessories

her to compliment you, Men Watch, be nice

Accessories can make you stand out hence forcing her to compliment you. An excellent example of an accessory that makes men stand out in front of ladies is a beautiful retro watch. They can be worn alongside many types of clothes and still look good on you.

These accessories help to improve your looks. Women tend to notice such types of accessories quickly. You can expect to get positive feedback from ladies, such as “you have a nice watch.”
You can get your girlfriend gifts in the form of accessories such as women’s watches. Conversely, you can buy other items such as necklaces and earrings. Trust me, and ladies love this kind of gift.

Girls always notice your shoes

It’s high time to take your shoe game seriously. This is because they are among the first things that women see in men. Furthermore, she will compliment you for just having high shoes.
It is essential to wear shoes that match with the rest of the outfits. Wearing shoes that do not match with your clothes will have you looking like a clown. Furthermore, shoes can make you look unique among other men. For instance, you can wear shoes that are rarely worn by others.

When a girl notices that your shoe game is on fire, then she will compliment you. Even if you have a regular outfit, your shoes can improve your final appearance. That’s the reason why you will find most meaningful in love with the shoes rather than any other outfits.

Your work ethic will get you the most compliments

A good work ethic can accelerate the speed of achieving your goals. Furthermore, she will compliment you easily because you have a good work ethic. Ladies find men with a good work ethic very attractive.

Having a good work ethic is not based on hard work alone but also results. Some people always put in a lot of hard work but with no results. In addition,

Be fun to be with

“You are so funny.” This one of the best compliments that you can get from a lady. They always like to hang around funny men that make them laugh regularly. If you want her to compliment you, then you should try telling her some jokes. Alternatively, you can stop taking things seriously so that you can find humour in other people.

Being fun to be with means that you always have something to do that makes you happy. Also, you can make time to do the things that you love. For example, you can spend a day off from your usual activities such as work or school and go on a road trip.