12 Tips to Make Your Face Look Better Instantly

No matter what people will say, looking good is the surest way to win hearts. At the very least, it buys you time to prove that you’re beautiful in the heart also. You need to make your face look better in order to get this advantage.

While you may think that to be an alpha male you should look scruffy and tough, the opposite is true. Both ladies and men appreciate a properly groomed man. And that starts with making your face look healthier and clear.

Here are 12 tips to help you make your face look better without losing that manly touch.

Get the Right Skincare Routine

Your skin needs to stay hydrated, free of grime, and free of acne. Finding the right skincare routine is the key to making your face look healthier and clear.

Tips to keep your skin look better.

  • Use a skin cleanser for men to wash away the dirt and grime every night before you sleep.
  • Apply a good quality cream after washing to restore moisture and nutrients. If you have acne, get one with Salicylic acid.
  • Don’t use soap to wash your face because it washes away the natural protective oils and can have high pH, which is terrible for your face.
  • Use products that compliment your skin depending on whether you have an oily or dry one.
  • Keep facial products at a minimum. Too many of these hamper the natural protection and rejuvenation processes.

These simple steps will make your face look better instantly without a lot of effort.

Beauty Sleep is Key

You may have taken a look at your face in the mirror after a long night of study or work. It doesn’t look pretty. Bags under the eyes, wrinkles, and drooping eyelids are no friends to your face.

Get enough quality sleep to make your face look better every day. There is a reason it is called ‘beauty sleep.’

Tips to Sleep Better

  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.
  • Maintain a strict sleeping routine. Sleep and wake up at the same time daily.
  • Minimize interruptions to your sleep. Turn off your phone, don’t drink too much water before bed, and let people know not to wake you.
  • When you are tired during the day, catch a quick 15-minute nap.

Getting enough rest is crucial to rejuvenating your body and keeping your face look healthier and clear.

Take Care of Your Teeth

No matter how your face looks, your smile can make or break your entire look. A pearly-white smile dazzles and takes attention away from any flaws that might be present.

On the other hand, yellowed teeth are unforgivable, no matter how nice you look.

Tips to Get That Perfect Set of Teeth

  • Visit the dentist regularly to have your teeth cleaned and get any problems corrected early.
  • Use whitening toothpaste, activated charcoal, or white strips.
  • Brush your teeth twice or thrice a day, and always before bed.
  • Use mouthwash and floss your teeth once a day.
  • Keep your breath minty fresh with gum.

Even if you manage to make your face look healthier and clear but neglect your teeth, you gain nothing. Use these tips to maintain a great set of teeth.

Look After Your Lips

Have you ever seen a dry, cracking set of lips? They are not a pretty sight. Luckily, it is easy to keep your lips looking nice and kissable. Use a good lip balm and keep them moisturized.

Take Care of Your Facial Hair

Beards are to men what makeup is to women. Whatever faults you may have in your jawline, facial symmetry, or even skin sagging can be hidden with clever styling.

How Facial Hair Can Make Your Face Look Better

  • Get a good barber. Styling hair is an art, so do not be afraid to pay premium rates to get that bespoke look.
  • 5 o’clock shadow: rather than long unkempt beards or a clean-shaven ‘schoolboy’ look, the 5 o’clock shadow is the ultimate manly-man look.
  • Don’t be afraid to play around with ideas. A fresh hairstyle keeps things interesting.
  • Maintain symmetry. If you shave at home, the secret is to maintain overall facial symmetry. Work with your bone structure from the head to the chin to maintain a solid look.

You may not have the perfect bone structure or skin, but your beard, moustache, and sideburns can be your secret weapon to helping you make your face look better. Get the advice of an expert barber.

A Good Hat Can Make All the Difference

If you don’t have the hair to create that lucrative symmetry, the right hat will do the trick. There are hundreds of hat designs you can choose from to complement your face and overall style.

How to Wear a Hat to Make Your Face Look Better

  • A fedora is perfect for hiding a receding hairline. The wide brim will balance out an egg-shaped or angular face.
  • There is a baseball cap for every face. Be sure to get the right fit and wear it to your advantage. Tip: Wear it low to hide a broad forehead or unsightly eye bags.
  • Bucket cap: Unless you really need to hide something, leave this to confused teens.
  • Flat caps – A versatile piece of headgear favoured by English gentlemen long ago.

There are other types of hats you can wear to make your face look better. The key is to make the hat work for your look.

Glasses That Complement Your Look

Wearing glasses isn’t just about correcting vision. The right pair can help you achieve a sharp, ‘smart’ look. People value and respect intelligence; glasses will give you that look.

The key to wearing glasses is finding the right frame.

  • If you have an oval face, almost any style will suit you.
  • A square face needs rounder frames to soften the angles.
  • A round face looks good in rectangular frames to help add definition.
  • Diamond-shaped faces can either get wide frames to counteract the look or get frames with similar angles to complement it.

Glasses are all about owning the look. While they can make your face look better, be sure you have what it takes to rock them.

Be More Animated

You have already heard how a smile instantly makes your face look attractive. It’s not just about the smile though, make sure that you can use your expressions to your advantage.

  • Talk more. It keeps your facial muscles active and taut, and also distracts attention to any flaws you may have.
  • Smile. It has the potential to change the way you look in an instant.
  • Use your eyebrows. They are vital in expressing emotion and thus attracting a subconscious connection with your listeners.

The more expressive you are, the more attractive you look to people. It will also help take away attention from minute flaws on your skin. That way, you will make your face look better.

Favour Your More Dominant Side

If you’re right-handed, chances are that the left side of your face is the dominant one and thus looks better. You smile better with this side, it looks stronger, and is, therefore, more attractive. The opposite is true for left-handed people.

Shower before Bed

As simple as it sounds, taking a shower before bed is a key habit that has the potential to reinvigorate your face. It’s all about getting the dirt, grime, and other unsightly things out of your pores so that you can breathe while you sleep.

The body uses your resting time to restore your skin’s health. If your pores are blocked, it can cause acne to flare up.

Use a good quality cleanser to wash your face daily. It helps unblock the pores and gives your skin a deep clean.

Diet and Exercise are Key

Make Your Face Look Better, Look Better

As with everything else about the body, eating well and exercising is paramount. A sagging face is hard to make attractive, and so is a sagging chin.

  • Get rid of the excess fat with regular, vigorous exercise. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and drink a lot of water to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Stay away from alcohol and cigarettes. Similarly, keep your coffee intake at a minimum.
  • You can join yoga classes to target the face and neck. Some exercises target increasing blood flow to these parts, which helps to keep them looking young and fresh.

Taking care of your health will reflect on your face and skin. Vigour makes you look young and attractive, whereas poor choices will have your ageing faster than you would like.


Exfoliation refers to removing dead skin cells to encourage renewal for a younger look. As men age, it tends to take longer to get this renewal underway, which is why exfoliation is essential to make your face look healthier and clear.

You should only exfoliate once a week to keep your skin looking bright and healthy. Any more than that, and you risk irritating the sensitive layer beneath.

Use a cleanser and an exfoliating brush with small rounded edges for the best results. Exfoliation is a sure way to make your face look better in days.


The general assumption is that men don’t need to take care of their faces because they are ‘tough.’ The truth is, if you want to be attractive and agreeable with everybody, you need to take better care of your skin.

These 12 tips are sure to help you make your face look healthier and clear and gain you that critical advantage with every person you meet.