5 Annoying Habits Men Has That Women Hates

There are many annoying habits men has that women hates, but these are not actually annoying for women only but as well for others too. If you have these habits, then staying in a relationship with anyone is going to hard for you. You will feel difficulties and your partner will not like to be with you or she will not respect you as she was. In for being a better version of yourself, you shouldn’t have these habits. In this article, we are going to learn 5 annoying habits men has that women hates.

There are 5 Annoying Habits Men has that Women Hates.

Annoying Habits Men Has That Women Hates

Man Of your Word.

If you are someone who says to do things but neglect when time comes, then this is an immense problem. You need to respect your words and stay true to them. If you say something or if you agree to do something, then you should do it. Neglecting something after agreeing is going to show you as lose character person. It is going to be hard for others to trust you and respect you. Women hate individuals who are not true or stable to their words.

Individuals who lie and not be honest. Women want someone on whom she can depend and ask for help when needed, but if you are someone who is not true to your words and lies, then it’s hard to trust you.


When you are in a relationship, then ego is your biggest disadvantage. Sometimes I miss understanding happen but because of ego everything get ruins. If you have an ego, then there is going to be a hard path for you. Individuals who have ego don’t understand others. There are too much full of themselves which ruin their career, their relationships and life. Most of the times, things happen because of situation and people’s ego doesn’t understand that because on the point that they are right and other wrong. If you are like this, then you need to leave behind your ego and move ahead because having ego is just closing your eyes and not trying to understand things.

Women love individuals who have understanding because then things are easier, but people who have ego are completely opposite to that.


Women don’t like individuals who are messy or don’t clean their surrounding and don’t do their stuff by themselves. It is understandable because woman’s house work then men, so, if you don’t clean your mess then they have to clean it. It could be anyone, your mother, sister or your partner, who has to do your work because you didn’t do it by yourself. When you are tired or have done a lot of work, then you can skip few things but when you can do your work by yourself.

Putting Zero Efforts.

It doesn’t feel right when you don’t put any efforts into making your relationship alive. This is not only for men but also for women. When you are in a relationship, it’s responsibility of both parties to put efforts and treat each other. For instance, taking your partner for trip or gifting things they need. Showing efforts for your relationship is going to make both people bond stronger. Individuals who don’t put any efforts for each other their relationship ends in a wrong way. This way women don’t like men who don’t any efforts for making their relationship alive.

Checking Out Other Girls.

If you already have a relationship, and you check out other girls, then this is wrong. Stop doing this because you already have a girlfriend. Women hate individuals who are in relationship but check out on other girls. The girl you are with will feel bad about her and your relationship will not work for long term. Avoid it and improve yourself. Being friends is fine and nothing is wrong. However, going more is wrong, and it is not going to workout.