5 Best Style tips for Skinny Guys | Look Muscular.

Most of the individuals are trying to put muscles in nowadays. However, it is hard for individuals who are skinny and don’t have those muscular bodies. Meanwhile, there are individuals who actually who don’t prefer to do that work for appealing muscular only. Is this article you are going to learn about Style tips for skinny guys to look more bulky and muscular.

There are 5 style tips for Skinny Guys.

Style tips for Skinny Guys


It is obvious for all individuals. I know most of you have heard that you need to change your diet in order to become muscular, and that’s totally true. You need to eat things which make your body more muscular. This is way, you don’t need to workout to become muscular. However, you should workout to improve yourself and to put your body in the right structure.

Don’t wear Baggy Clothes.

You need to avoid wearing baggy clothes in order to look muscular. You can choose skin-fit clothes or regular size clothes are going to make a perfect balance. Skinny-fit clothes are going to look more fit for you. Therefore, avoid oversize clothes and wear regular or skinny-fit clothes. If you have clothes which are not according to your size, then you can go for a tailor and alter them.

Lighter Colors.

Dark colors make you look more skinny & muscular, but if you are already skinny, then it could be a problem. Therefore, you need to wear light colour clothes. They have opposite effect from dark colors and they will make you look more bulky and make you look bulker in widths. Some colors are White, Khaki, Tan, Olive, pale, pink and yellow.


It is obvious as well, because in this you are adding layers and you will look bulky easily with no diet or workout. However, there is a downside which is you can’t wear 2- 3 layers in summers. Meanwhile, you can try thin fabric garments to layer, but if you are in any warmer area, then it could be a problem for you. Don’t forget to use sunscreen in summers.

Simple Hacks.

You can enhance your overall style a lot by doing simple hacks such as folding your shirt selves. Making sure your shirt collar is straight. If you are wearing a t-shirt, then folding single fold to add that detail. Wearing a watch and other accessories. Adding insole in your shoes to add extra inches of height. There are a lot of simple hacks like this which you can add simple details into your style which are going to help you in looking better.