5 Best Things Every Girl Wants in a Man.

There are things that woman wants in a man. Meanwhile, we are going to explore 5 things Every Girl wants in a man. These 5 things are not specific to some individuals, means if you want you can build, control and level up. You have control over these things so, if you put efforts you can improve yourself as well. It doesn’t matter how unattractive or ugly you are, if you develop these things, then you can become above average or attractive.

There are 5 Things Every Girl wants in a Man.

Things Every Girl Wants In A Man

Dress Well.

It is common to understand. If you want to look good, then you should dress well. Women want men, those take care of their appearance. Those dress well. The good thing is that you can learn to dress well and improve your style. Dress well is a skill and as try a different type of clothes and styles you learn about what looks good on you and what doesn’t suit your personality. There is an article about how to find your own style.

If you want to know how you can increase your knowledge about dressing well, then above article can help you. However, if you want complete guide on how to make better outfits, then you read this article. These 2 articles is have a lot of information about style and dressing well.


Women want individual who are healthy, muscular, lean and athletic looking. A woman wants a man to protect her and how an unhealthy guy can do that work. However, unhealthy individuals don’t take care of their health and so, if they don’t take care of their health. How can they are going to take care of a woman? These are few reasons that’s why woman like healthy individuals. However, Musular, lean and athletic individuals also look better, positive, and taller than individuals who are unhealthy.


It obvious that wealthy individuals are more attractive. Women find wealthy individuals more attractive because it shows a sense of security and financial freedom. Individuals who have wealth can spend on self improvement, which is going to improve their attractiveness even more. Not that if you have money, girls are going to run behind you, but it is good to have, and it increases your score on the scale of attractiveness. When you are a wealthy individual, it adds as a trait to your attractiveness or personality and it benefits you highly.

It also that wealthy people have more dominant, aggressive and mysterious personality. If you increase your income and become wealthy, these traits are automatically going to develop into your personality, as you will have power. Meanwhile, everybody knows with great power comes great responsibilities.


Now, height is a thing that we can’t control. We don’t have any command over our height. Sure, we can eat food which can increase our bones’ length and we should. We can also do exercises or stretches which help us grow our height. However, everybody knows that these help to grow your height but not actually grow your height, and your height is mostly depends on your genes.

Meanwhile, we can do the above but with that we can fake that we are tall. You can easily add 2-3 inches by wearing thick sole shoes, and you can also add thick shoe in sole, which is going to add 2-3 inches more into your height. You can also follow styling tricks which can easily show you as 3-4 inches taller than you actually are. Read this article. We have mentioned all the tricks to look taller and some exercises as well.

Women like tall individuals, but you can also work on getting muscular chest, board shoulders and thin waist to create a bigger looking appeal and look more muscular and attractive. This way, without being taller, you will psychologically appear as attractive to women.


Women want some smart and understandable. Therefore, read more and increase your knowledge. For becoming smart, it most important that you read and increase your knowledge. The more knowledgeable you are about something, the more accurate action you can take about that thing. Being smart comes with exploring, reading, traveling, learning, learning from your mistakes but also from other people’s mistakes as well and improving your yourself. There is a lot in being smart and intelligent. However, constant learning and focus are things which can make you smart and successful overtime in anything you want.