There are 5 Best things to be handsome | Look Gentlemen

Everyone wants to improve themselves and They want they become better than what they were. In this article, we are going to learn that, “how to be handsome.” We have 5 things to be handsome in your everyday life. Before starting article, let’s consider what it means to look handsome.

This is can depend on person to person but, there are things which you can improve to look more handsome. Those things are your face, personality, style, money, and independent. These are 5 things we become able to develop. You can easily become more handsome than you are right now.

There are 5 things to be handsome.

Things to be handsome


You can’t change your face completely, and you don’t need to do that. You need to make sure that your face skin is clear & bright, which you can achieve by having a right skincare routine for you. I have written an article on, “How to build an Effective Skincare routine.“ You read this article for your skincare routine.

Eating healthy food, and by avoiding sugar, oily and junk food, you can see a bright effect on your face skin. Now, you need to make sure your teeth a align means you didn’t have an overbite, under-bite, or crooked teeth. You can fix this by having braces. You also need to groom your beard so that it is not all over, or unstructured.


Work on improving your personality more towards becoming a gentleman. You need to develop few traits in your personality which makes you more attractive for other. Those traits are kind, understandable, not any fear of saying sorry, problem solving, respectively, and confident. These are traits which can make anyone more attractive. You can read an article about them, but the thing is if you don’t have any of them, then you need to do them physically in order to grow. There is an article on how to become a gentleman which you can read if you want to learn more about these traits, but practicing them is the key.


Style is one thing which you can develop by practicing overtime and increase your knowledge about style, such as things which look good on you vs things which are only trends. You just have to develop your style and you can become a great at it if you have common sense and you have to learn about it few times. There is an article on How to find your style.

It includes everything you need in order to become stylish and find your own style. However, you learn to create better outfits with essential garments and avoid some style mistakes such as patterns, graphics, bold colours, and trendy stuff. Start wearing fit clothes which are appropriate for your size. Wear accessories as and you will look as so much better.


So many people are struggling with this, but if you have a demand skill, then you can trade that skill for money and invest that money to earn compound interest on it. You need to learn about money management and how you can invest it in the place to make even more money. The thing is, if you are earning decent money from your job, then by investing it carefully, you can become wealthy overtime.

If you are not earning a decent salary, then there are 2 ways, learn a skill that pay decent salary or take risk and whatever money you have start any business or anything with it to increase your income so that you can invest it and become wealthy overtime. Last, become professional at one thing and then at least have 3 income sources.


Become independent in your life. You need to become someone who is independent and doesn’t need someone else to pay for living your own life. If you are in your 17 and 18, then it’s fine but you should work on thing which can make you independent which can be a thing as learning a high demand skill. Learning a high skill or having sustainable business are 2 things which can make you independent for the rest of your life.