There are 5 Simple things to Look Better

So, nobody is disagreeing with me, when I address that most of the men are not into learning all those complicated stuff about style to look like David Beckham. They have their goals and achievements to worry about and invest their all time. They just want simple ways to look better. That’s it, it’s all they want from me. My dear readers, I am always trying to address what you want in your mind. So, in this article, we are going to learn 5 simple things to look better.

There are 5 simple things to look better.

There are 5 Simple things to Look Better


Before you start anything, there is a thing you need to set your mind on. These are simple things which will not make look like super handsome, but all the handsome man has done to these to maintain their handsomeness. Because these are the fundamentals on which anybody can become handsome but not super handsome like professionals.

First, if you are someone who compares himself with others, then you need to ditch that thought from your mind. You need to improve yourself and compare yourself to yourself. Because there is no ending and you will never be sloppy if you start from yourself.


Well, the most important thing which is going to make you look handsome and better. It is grooming. Well, as a man when you have problems with hairs like a lot, once in a week you need to deal them. It will nearly take 20-30 minutes and you are good for a week.

First, if you have a beard, trim it and maintain it in a good shape. Have your haircut done or adjusted once in 3-4 weeks. Trim your underarm, chest, back shoulder hairs and underneath hairs once in a week, and people are done with their grooming. Now, if you didn’t have a proper beard, then shave it and shaving will take 5-10 mins which you have to do every day or once in 2-3 days depends on you.


This is my favorite. I am obsessed with skincare. As it can improve your skincare, make you look for more hygiene and not only look but also you more hygienic. You can look more young, and to be honest, it can become so complicate when try ADAs, BHA’s, serums, toners, and retinols more.

However, to make skincare look better, make it healthier and clear. You don’t need to dive into those stuff until you have a serious issue with your skin, and you should consult a dermatologist first because we can’t see your problems before trying anything.

Meanwhile, you need a moisturizer to lock water on your skin; you need sunscreen to save skin from sun (It is very important). You need to exfoliate your skin for which you need to face cleanser and Body-wash which is for cleaning your body and increasing your hygiene.

Improve Physically.

The easiest way to look if you have better physic and I am not saying to have six-packs. I am recommending you for eating healthy food which provides you with healthy calories, and track how many calories you’re taking in a day. Eating 200 fewer calories than your maintenance calories and do moderate exercise 4-5 days in a week.

If you are becoming able to do this consistently, then even if you are over-weight you are going to get into a great body shape, and have a much healthier body. You will feel healthy, energetic, and look so much better than now. If you want to learn more about getting lean body with muscles, read this article. I have explained everything in details.

Self Respect.

This is most important. You need to make sure you respect yourself and have confidence in yourself. Ugly looking who People have confidence and money and they get women you see in the dreams. If you don’t have confidence, then you can’t look better. You need to have a self in order to smile great and have confidence in yourself.