6 Best Watch Rules Every Man Should Know.

Watches are an important part of every man’s style. They are elegant. They enhance your style to next level. You feel more classy and attractive. I see many individuals doing mistakes with their watches which is why we have today’s article. In which we are going to explore 6 watch rules every man should know. In this article, your most of the questions related to watch are going to get answered.

There are 6 Watch Rules Every man should know.

Watch Rules Every Man Should Know

Watch Size.

I saw individuals wearing too big watches, and they think they are looking cool. Watches are an important part of your style, but they are not the only part of your style, so that’s why you should wear watch which is according to your wrist size. If you have small or thin wrist, wear small size watch but don’t go too small as it will look feminine. However, if you have large or thick wrist, then you can go for big size watch. Meanwhile, any size above 43 is mostly going to be too big, so, it’s recommend staying between 40 to 43 if you have a large wrist.

Find Right Strap.

When you are like us affordable watch enthusiasts, then having different straps are going to provide you with an enormous value from your watch. Not all people can buy different watches for different occasions (as it difficult to find a watch which is made for every occasion) so, in that case, you can buy different straps than use straps which are suitable for specific occasions.

For instance, if you are going for gym, you can change your watch strap to rubber strap, and it’s ready. If you are going to the office, then you can change rubber strap to the leather or metal strap and you ready for office. This way, you can get so much value out of your watch without spending a lot.

Wear On Non-Dominant Hand.

The question that, “On which hand should I wear my watch?“ Is pretty common and most of the individuals ask that question. However, the answer is relatively so simple. Wear your watch on your non-dominant hand. If you mostly use your right hand, then you should wear your watch on left hand and vice versa.

This is because if you wear your watch on your hand, which you use mostly, then operating of that hand is going to be uncomfortable because of the watch. You will face some difficulties in operating of some task and you might break your watch too as constant movements of your hand.

Right Place.

Now, Most of the individuals wear watch right from where their wrist & hand joints are, which is really uncomfortable and decreases mobility of your hand. Sometime it also leads to wrist plain. However, wear your watch should be right above your wrist bone. About above width of 2 fingers from wrist & hand joints. This way, you will feel so much comfortable and have reduced or eliminate difficulties while moving your hands.

No Loose Straps.

This is the mistake that mostly men make when wearing a metal strap watch. However, avoid wearing watches with loose or too tight (that it’s effects on your hands blood circulation) strap. Loose straps don’t look good and not bit classy.

Wearing loose strap watches ruins your personality instead, it is better to not wear a watch. It takes 2-3 mins to make strap fit perfectly on your wrist. If you have rubber or leather strap, it would need a hole which is according to your size, to make it fit. Meanwhile, if it is a metal strap, if you don’t have tools, visit watch shop and they are going to make it fit according to your size in no time.

Smart Watches.

As previously, we have discussed that it’s hard to find single watch which can work with all occasions and still it will have some exceptions. Identical happens with smart watches, as most of the people have apple watches let’s consider that. Smart watches are only going to look better at sports or casual occasion. You can wear them at your office, but with formal or classy outfit, you will not look as appealing as you will with a classic watch.