6 Traits To Become More Powerful

Men have considered strong and muscular for centuries. Many individuals want to become more powerful and strong. They want them to have power and they other admire or respect them. People don’t humiliate or think of them as weak. When it’s about power, accruing power is difficult. It takes right use of hard work and smart to become powerful. There are many forms of power and belief of power for others. For many individuals, their body strength is power, for some individuals, money and fame are power. In this article, we are going to learn, How To Become More Powerful, and what is power.

There are 6 things to become more powerful.

Become More Powerful

Power Is Power.

Power is power, as I have written in the begging of this article, that what is power can differ person to person. However, the genuine power is when you have power to rule & control. It doesn’t matter how much powerful body someone has if you have power and he came under you, technically you can rule him and control his actions. This why I said it’s hard to gain power, because they’re always someone powerful than you. However, there traits you can develop in your personality and life which can make you much more powerful than others by providing you with control.

Confident & Self Believe.

Powerful peoples are confident and they believe they are powerful. They don’t have insecurities, sure every person has it own weakness but they are not insecure. If you want to become powerful, then you need to gain confidence and challenge your insecurities. You need to increase your comfort zone.

You need to make sure that you don’t have to lose character and you respect your words. What you say you do and you can’t do, you can’t say you can. Have your rules which you follow and never lie to those. You need to make sure that you don’t lie as well because when you lie; you are afraid of truth. However, any lie that can make a day of someone, then you can lie. You help weak people and not tease them.

Control When Something Happens.

You should know that you are comfortable in any conditions. A powerful person can stay silence and comfortable at ease in any situation. When you stay silence and at ease in any situation, it feels like you have all the control. You need to learn the power of silence. Things that you are not knowledgeable about it is better to stay silence.

Meanwhile, maintaining brief silence for sometimes before conversation or before answering to something can show that you have control and you are conscious. For instance, you stay at ease at your house because you know it’s your and you have control and power no one can kick you out. However, when you are at someone else’s house or office, you would have felt bit not relaxed or less in control because it’s someone else’s house or office and they have control.

Who Matters The Most.

Someone who is important has power. Someone who is valuable has power. If you want to have power, you need to gain importance. You need to become someone is valuable or important to others. If in your work sector, who have a position which is valuable or can be used to other than others, will most of the going to please you.

For them, you will be powerful. It like traditions military or organization structure in which higher-ups have more power than people who work under them. If you corporate sector or if you rich, then poor and people who are below in corporate sector think about you as powerful.

In conversation and communication, you need to show or ask if your counter party deserves your connection. For instance, in a job interview, instead of you want their job, did they deserve you as an employee? In situations where you don’t lose or gain, you are free to control your decision and you are powerful.

Inferno Position.

As I have said above, to gain power, position and influence matters. An actor who doesn’t do any movie but has millions of followers, has power in his or her influence. If you want power, then you need to become someone who has something powerful. It can be influence, following, money, rank, higher position, and more. Something which becomes proof that you are a powerful person. Before you enter the room, people know that he or she is powerful. He or she is wealthy, politicians, some officer and something big.

Having Mystery.

Powerful people have secrets and mysterious, that’s why you get dark and dusty vibe from them. You should have some mysteries about yourself so that others try to explore and find out what it is. This way people will think about you and this think that you have something under your selves which will present to you as powerful. They will think like something is about you they don’t know.