7 Best Skills Every Man Should Have.

Skills are the most important thing and In our everyday life these contributes to our personality which makes us attractive. For instance, If someone has a skill to play piano then this can emphasize his/her personality and It will make him/her appeal more attractive than an ordinary person who doesn’t have any skills. Meanwhile, A Demanding Skill has power to change anybody’s life. In our life, if we experts any demanding skill, then living a better life automatically becomes better and easy. However, In article, We have mentioned skills those are going to make you more attractive, and will improve your life.

There are skills every man should have.

7 Best Skills Every Man Should Have

There are many skills those are particular to development of our some areas of life. For instance, if you want to become attractive then you would adapt musical, art, or creative skills those actually present you as a talented person which further makes you attractive. However, if you want to improve your life, then skills which increase your brain and knowledge are most crucial to start with.

Seamlessly, The situation is never same for everyone that’s why we have divided this article into 3 parts (Knowledge, Attractive & Essentials), to provide you with most content as possible to fulfill the most people’s needs. I suggest you master or learn at least 1-1 skills from (Knowledge & Attractive parts,) but all from Essentials as they are essentials.

Let’s begin with Knowledge…


From three choose a skill most workable for you.


Reading is a crucial part of human life. Every time we read something new, it teaches us something new. It boards our mind to new limitations and mostly when we read right things; it opens our mind to learn things which makes us and our brain more capable. Most of the people who read books are successful or living their love life and it because it improves us to brain to become more smart. However, there are so many amazing books those will make you love reading even more if you read.

If you are thinking about beginning with reading books, then you can search some books on YouTube according to your needs. Such as not-fiction or self improvement, biographies, finance & business, or on a specific topic may be which you want to improve.

Coding or Math.

In the improvement of your brain, nothing is better than challenging it to reach its pinnacle. Providing it with problems to solve and to think logically from a unique perspective to explore every scenario from that it can solve things. Seamlessly, Coding or Math both are the best practices to challenge your brain and to make you a smart guy.

Further, if you have any device in which you can do coding, then practicing coding is much beneficial then math. Because it is also a demanding skill which can make you even extra cash or replace or become your full-time job. However, If you study, then you can pick up your math books and start solving every challenging question as it can improve your grade in math and your intelligence.


In an attractive section, you can find skills those will help you in becoming attractive according to your personality. Probably, you will get more girls and compliments. However These skills are simple way to standout from crowd and make your different image in other’s eyes.

Musical Skills.

Musical skills really make you attractive. If you know how to play any musical instrument, then this can make you standout from others because in this world everyone is busy with their stuff. Some people are into achieving goals, some people have finance stress, some people are into relationship problems, but you are enjoying your life by playing some musical. However, Everyone like to hear something good and believe me, when we play any musical instrument, it instantly increase our attractiveness towards others.

Meanwhile, you can choose whatever instrument you like to play. Aftermost, it is unnecessary that you should play like a professional. But whatever you are playing should feel better when you are playing it, and it is a simple task to nail.

Physical Skills.

If you are not a musical guy, rather you want to do some physical stuff or if you love sports, then you can have physical skills. For instance, you can master any sports which admire you the most. You can become an expert in tennis, badminton, an athlete, gymnastic, parkour, footballer, and basket baller. The motive is to have a skill that presents as a hobby or a talent.

Next we have essential skills those are compulsory for every man to have. These skills can actually improve your life…


Self Defense.

Self Defense is the most crucial skill to have. It is necessary that every individual practice it. However, Most of the people get a wrong idea about self defense because they think it means learning art of fighting and messing with others. Meanwhile, Self defense is about mindset of doing defense. It is about fighting to save yourself without hurting your counter part too much.

Aftermost, Learn art of fighting but don’t hurt anyone rather save yourself. For instance, you have seen in movies in which a person tries to fight and one is dodging from all punches and try to stay away and when necessary, then He uses his skills to lie down his counter part so that he/she can’t hurt him.

Sewing Your Clothes.

You should know the skill of sewing your clothes, It’s important. Many individuals think that it’s not manly but if you think a scenario in which your shirt got tear or your a button got pop-up and you can fix in it by yourself. If you are able do it, then it is manly and by some chances if nearby any women is seeing you, then she will instantly find you attractive. Further, it is pretty easy to learn basic sewing skill. You can open a YouTube video and practice for 20-30 mins, and you will develop a new skill.

Cooking Skills.

Cooking skills are incredibly useful to have, as these can help you make your meal by yourself. However, the incredible thing in it is that you can make your meal, which has nutrients and vitamins which your body needs. Meanwhile, it improves your health dramatically as everyone has different needs for their body. If you will find needs of your body what it wants and make your meal according to that, then your skin, health, mind, and energy are going to be on the top. Further, Diet plays an important role in our life and being able to cook our meals by ourself is so much beneficial for us.