7 Best Steps To Find Your Own Style.

When we human own things, we can be proud of that and we feel confidence that we own it and we have control over it. Well, having your own style is same, and this is a reason for most of the individuals who wanted to find their own style. However, some people wanted to make their style based on their personality so they can look from outside what they are from inside. Having your own style makes you a bit more personal and you can stand out differently from others.

There are 7 ways to find your own style.

Find your own style.

Clothes you wear.

When you are trying to find your own style, first you need to start with your own wardrobe. You need to look at your clothes, what clothes you like to wear and what you are wearing, and you need to find some pattern or similarity. For example, the clothes you wear are more comfortable or tight. What common colors which you can find in your clothes. What style of clothes you have and prefer to wear, are those more street wear, casual, sporty, vintage or formal or any other fashion style.

You can spend a few days in gathering these information’s and note it down so you can use it later. When you have that information about your current style status and what’s it’s made of overall, then you can move to the next step.

Finding Inspiration.

At this step, find inspiration. You need to look for different fashion style and choose what resembles your personality and what you like and will be comfort & confident when wearing. Now, you can go on Instagram and open any men’s fashion related profile and use the suggestion (small down arrow button) to look for more profiles.

In this way you will find someone’s profile from whom you will be like to take inspiration. When found someone or a few individual profiles which have style which you like, then you can try to inspire or take ideas about how they are styling and try to style in that way or learn from them.

Now, you have inspiration to take from someone, and you can start working on your style. From this step, if want to buy some clothes, then you will be aware about the fact that what clothes you should choose to stick with style which you want to make your own.

Increase Your Knowledge.

When you need to find your own style, then you need to have understand about different styles so that you can choose from those. This article will tell you more about different fashion styles and it will take only a quick understanding of not all but most important few fashion styles. It is not important, but it’s recommended checking few details about the most important fashion style to have some general knowledge about them.

Now, you have information about what type of clothes you actually wear and few patterns between them; you know what you like and you have few people to get inspiration and idea. Meanwhile, you have some knowledge about few important fashion styles.

Style You Feel Good In.

Now, you have all the pieces, and I will mention most important 3 things which you need in order to make your style your own, and you can build your style based on the information you have collected so far and by consider upcoming 3 things in your mind. Before you build your style, you need to make sure whatever style you are choosing; you felt good in it. For example, people choose a baggy style, because they prefer being comfortable in their clothes and they like how these clothes appear.

Opposite to that, people who choose classic (all about fitting). In which clothes are not that comfortable, but it doesn’t seem to be a big deal for these people. They feel good about it. However, someone who like baggy style wouldn’t feel good in tight clothes, for example skinny jeans from street-wear.


Choose the style in which you feel confident. Whatever clothes you are wearing, if you don’t feel confident in those, then wearing those will going to be hard. You will feel resistance when you will style those clothes. For example, few people feel unconfident in clothes which not fit according to their style or clothes which are tighter on their body and they appeal weird, which lets down their confidence. There could be so many things in clothes which let your confidence down.

To avoid that, you need to choose clothes which don’t have elements like above we have mentioned. After-most, choose clothes which attract you to style them and make you feel confident as soon as you put them on your body.


After-most, try to choose a style which resembles your personality. You need to wear clothes which show what you are more casual, formal, classic, vintage, bold, or something else. It is going to make your style more personal to you and unique from others, making you standout from others.