7 Best Things Every Girl Notice In A Man.

If you have a crush or If you want a girlfriend or If you only want that girls also notice you. If any of these statements suits with your consideration, then this article will going to become your advance guide. By applying the things from this article, you can make other girls to notice you and you can also standout in-front of your crush. We have mentioned 7 Things every girl notice in a man.

The things we mentioned in this article have proven and taken with experience which are going to elevate your attractiveness and make you noticeable.

How to get most out of the knowledge you will read in this article?

Things Every Girl Notice In A Man.

Try to implement all the things mentioned in this article in your daily life. There are some physical things that you need and also some personality development that you have to practice overtime to get most benefits.

There are 6 Things every girl notice in a man.

Your Nails.

Girls are always going to notice your hands. If you have dirty nails, then these are going to make a bad impress and look unhygienic. Cutting your nails is necessary to appeal hygienic and clean. However, As these days we are using alcohol based sanitizer these make our hand skin dry so forget to moisturize your hands.


It matters. Girls are smart, so they often consider people who are smart and who have a little sense of humor. Because most of the time, Smart people end-up with a better future and sense of humor once make them laugh. It’s not required to become smart in your school or college, however, become better in things you like and do more study or brain related stuff.

Your Hairs.

Hairs are the least effort but big difference transformation thing. If you choose an appropriate hairstyle according to your face shape, then it can make girls notice you. However, whenever you take a new hairstyle or adjust your hairstyle a little, girls definitely notice them. For getting a perfect hairstyle, first find your face shape, then start choosing hairstyle according to your face shape. The easiest trick is to copy hairstyles of celebrities those have same faced-shape as yours.

Your Breath.

People definitely notice your breath. Every time you talk to anyone, your breath matters. If your breath smells bad, then there is not any chance that anyone will ever want to talk with you. For instance, you are talking with someone and your in front person have terrible breath smell. Can you want to hold that conversation anymore? In conclusion, Carry some mints with you and brush your teeth twice is a day and also clean your tongue properly. Take refreshing mint candy after eating.


Girls like organised and well maintain individuals. Organised refers not only to your environment but also to your productivity. How you calculate your daily time according to your daily work. How you use your brain to get better and fast decisions about things happening around you and about things you will work in your future. If you want to improve these things, then you should start reading some books on things you want to improve like productivity, finance, investing, behaviour and attitude.


Girls notice what type of friends you have. Because friends tell a lot about you and your nature. However, because of this consider not to bring your most funny or negative friend in front of your crush. Also, focus on having positive friends those push you ahead and help you in getting better in your life.

Your Car.

If your car is dirty and everything inside it, Is messed up then there might be a problem for you. Because if you are bringing a girl in your car then she has to sit inside it, and If everything is messed-up and smelly, then not any girl will want to sit in your car again. This is going to make you look unattractive in the end. However, In conclusion, clean your car, have a better car air freshener and make everything organised so that it appeals better and smells refreshing.