9 Qualities Women Never Admit They Want In A Man.

Understanding women is way too complicated than you think. Even if you ask them, they are things they are not comfortable sharing with you. However, it is easy if you ask from a woman that what quality should they like in a man which can lead them to consider that man. Meanwhile, women don’t give a true or right answer to this, because it can look selfish or harsh to a man. However, we are going to get the answer to this question in this article. In this article, we are going to explore 9 qualities women never admit they want in a man.

There 9 Qualities Women Never Admit they want in a Man.

9 Qualities Women Never Admit They Want In A Man.


Women never say but they want a man who is hot and handsome. Who look attractive have structure jawline, better looking face, and muscular body. Man who have muscular chest and board shoulders. Men who are fit and healthy look attractive to women. It doesn’t mean that if you don’t have structure jawline, then you can’t get a girl. There are other things too which can develop with efforts.


Everybody knows already that women like individuals who are taller and at least taller than them. Individuals who have height of 6 feet or above look attractive to women. Men who have height of 5.9 or above consider as tall. Meanwhile, not all women want individuals who have a height of over 6 feet, but it is necessary that you should be at least 2-3 inches taller than her.

Physically Active.

Women like individuals who are active and confident. Individuals who are good at physical activities. Man who plays sports or physical activities. It makes you standout and fills you with energy. You look more positive and fun to be with. The good thing is this in your control. You can be physically active if you want.


Now, if your face looks average or if you are not 5.9 or above, then you can cover it in this step. This is where you can become as attractive as you want. Just start making a lot of money. Become someone wealthy. Well, it has proven that if some individual is average, then by becoming wealthy, he can become attractive.

Women like wealthy individuals as by being with them it provides a sense of security to women. However, there are so many problems you didn’t have to face by being with someone wealthy. You don’t need to think about money and financial problem because of wealthy man. These are reasons you can see old millionaires have hot, beautiful and young looking mistress. However, not all women are that much money oriented, but they think and it affects.

Having A Beautiful Ex-Girlfriend.

I know this sucks. We guy don’t have a girlfriend in the first place, then how could we have beautiful Ex-Girlfriend. However, for individuals who have a beautiful ex-girlfriend in their past. Individuals who have beautiful ex-girlfriend. Women find these guys attractive because if some beautiful girl had been your girlfriend, then there could be a reason for that. Women consider about it.

Leader or status.

Women want a man who is a leader or has some kind of status. Therefore, women love celebrities and individuals who are wealthy or have many followers on social medias and YouTube. Women want to be someone who has power and authority. Individuals who have control are more dominant. Meanwhile, the good thing is we have control over creating our status, or becoming a leader. If you we want, we can increase our power. If you are not that attractive, then you can utilise these steps, in which you control to become attractive.

Muscular Body.

Women don’t like individuals who are fat or who don’t muscular, fit or lean body. They didn’t look as appealing to them. However, having muscular body is a commitment to workout consistently and eating healthy food. If you are consistent for 2-3 months, then you can see changes and within 6 months to a year. You can see dramatic changes in your body. You can become muscular and fit, it is just a matter of commitment and staying consistent.


Not that women like 10-30-year-old man. It is just that women like 2-6 years older men than them. It is because older men have advantage of time and most of them have figured out about their life. They are more mature and financially independent. They are more confident and dominant as they are aware of more things and have seen more stuff and good & bad times in their life. Aftermost, have more sense about life.


Now, it is important. As it takes time, money, courage and power to become independent. Women like guys who are independent. Independence covers 2-3 things from this article into itself. Most of the individuals shine on your parents’ money.

They show off the power of the money which their parents have spend half of their life to earn, and these individuals are depend on their parents, and if their parents stop giving them money, then it can be hard for them to buy food to feed themselves. This is the reason, women like independent men. Becoming independent is not about having money only, it about having a place to live, food to eat, freedom to go where you want, able to afford things which you need and making investments which make your future secure. Aftermost, money sure is a big part of it.