9 Signs You Are SMARTER Than You Think.

Smart people get better treatment in our world, but Can people know that who they are saying intelligent is intelligent in reality or not? However, Real Smart people get criticized by our society by saying that they are not as smart or they are an average guy, and the intelligent people start thinking that they are not as smart. Meanwhile, If you consider you are not from these talented people, then probably read this article, and If any 2-3 points match with you, then these are signs you are smarter then you think. Furthermore, If all the things match with someone, then your IQ would be so high.

There are 9 Signs You Are Smarter Then You Think. 

Signs You Are Smarter Than You Think,

You Are Left-Handed.

Left-Handed people grow more intelligent from right-handed people because their mind is much more open, and their capability to solve problems is higher. They are left-handed, so they do things from their left hand, but many things in our world have designed for right-handed people only, so it pushes them to use their right hand as well that cause them to use both hands more than a usual right-handed person, so because of that their both sides of the brain work feasibly. However, It made their mind to process things faster and grow much smarter than right-handed people.

You talk with yourself.

People think that the people who talk with themselves are cracked with their mind a little, but It is not the truth, However, If you do it then probably you are a smart guy/girl. Meanwhile, The people do talk with themselves are intelligent than usual people because It helps a lot in coming up with great solutions to problems and revise your words with yourself also help with improving memory, We often do it to memories things.

You Are Curious.

Curious people feasibly become smarter than usual people because of their hunger to learn more about things they didn’t know. By this way, their knowledge increases a lot from people who are satisfied with their small sector of information that school give them. If you are always curious to know about things, secrets that you didn’t discover and solutions to problems you didn’t hear then probably, you are smarter then you think.

You Are Messy.

You find yourself in a rumbled environment at the end of your day. If this happens with you, then it is a sign that you are smarter then you think, It happens because your brain tries to process so much information, and want to know about a lot of things and wanted to focus on particularly useful things. However, at last, you make your environment messy because your brain runs into a mess of information and try to find valuable knowledge from it.

Take naps.

If you take short naps between your day, then you could be a smart guy/girl. Short naps are so helpful to make your brain to work well again, and Smarter people automatically take more naps because their brain works more than a usual person. Short naps are like a little break and refreshment for our mind, and Smarter people need it because their mind feels tired a lot related it works more and faster.

You Preferred To Be Alone.

Studies have shown that people have preferred being alone are more intelligent than people who hang out with their friends or somebody else all the time. People who love to be alone are more focused on their work, and they spend their time on useful things, challenging task and solving problems that make them even more intelligent. However, other people waste their time with their friends in clubs or usually hangout.

 You Critics YourSelf.

If you critics yourself and You did say yourself that whatever you are doing you can do it much better than You can be a smart guy. Smart people are usually didn’t satisfy with them they want to become much better and better. This thinking makes them stand out, and they beat anyone easily because their battle is with them not others, It also saves them from ego, and they didn’t consider themselves best, even if they are, They know that someday someone will beat them that makes them so powerful.

You Are Scatterbrain.

You are scatterbrain. You forget the usual things, and sometimes it becomes hard for you to focus on simple things that happen in our daily life. You always be in your world of think, and You try & test outcomes in your brain such as if this happens that way then what will happen, maybe I didn’t do that, and by this way, I can do it right. If you also think like that then probably you are smarter then you think. These type of people focus on necessary things a lot and that why they do ridiculous things in a simple task because Probably they are finding something in their brain that can change this world.

You Don’t Think You Are Smart.

Remember, In the start of this article, I told you that if you think you are not smart, then It’s necessary to read this article for you. Research shows that the people who think they are not intelligent are the people who are, and the people who think they are smart are an average guy. 

However, The people who didn’t consider themselves as smart critics themselves that help them to focus on problems more and getting with a better idea to solve them, they are more passionate towards their work than others.