How To Become An Attractive Guy Who Girls Want

There are so many individuals those feel that they are left alone, and They are not able to become an attractive guy who girls want because of their specific reasons. However, If no girls are showing interest in you, then that is not their mistake, it is yours. You are the one who is not as attractive as they want and Probably, You have seen a friend in your friend zone or guy in your school, office or somewhere else, Who didn’t have problems with girls, girls want him, and He ignores a lot of girls such as Instagram explore feed, and You think, “Wow! God is unfair.” 

It happens because whatever I am going to tell you in this article, he already knew about it, or he does those things unconsciously by his experience that makes him attractive for girls. Meanwhile, some guys, learn these things by observing girls and by doing try to fail and learn from it, formula. If you want to become an attractive guy who girls love, then dive deep in this article and take action regards everything you will going to learn.

We have divided this article information into 3 Aspects to make things more understandable so you can make girls attracted by you feasibly. Seamlessly, those 3 Aspects are Style (How you have to appeal from outside,) Personality (How you should have to be from inside because it is crucial, girls consider this most,) Lifestyle (How your living style should be, this ranks on 2 number.)

There are 9 Things to become an attractive guy who girls want.

How To Become An Attractive Guy Who Girls Want 1 How To Become An Attractive Guy Who Girls Want


Well dressed & Hygienic.

Girls are much smarter, so they didn’t attract by men’s who wear expensive clothes or big brand clothes such as Gucci, Nike, Supreme and others. Clothes didn’t matter a lot for girls, what they want that we at least wear clothes that didn’t make us appear like a fool. The best example of clothes you should wear is high-quality, simple, minimal colour clothes, and If you do layering with a jacket & t-shirt or something else, then it can make you look even more attractive. However, It is the right way to style clothes because it helps you appeal stylish instead of flashy.

Meanwhile, When you are wearing garments, then you have to consider about well tailoring, your clothes should be iron, neat & clean and Your shoes should be an expensive, high quality, not chunky sneakers but minimal and sleek. If you are wearing formal shoes, then they should be well polished and cleaned.

Furthermore, Hygiene is the thing that makes and breaks. It is so much necessary, and you should be at the top in it. You have to become well hygienic in everything you can imagine. You have to clip your nails each week you have to maintain your grooming every day, and Your skin should be clean & clear (You can use products for it.)

Your hairs have to be well managed. You have to take showers each day, and You have to stay on top in your oral, You can read this article on oral health, “how to get rid of 10 oral problems” to ditch bad breath & yellow teeth. After all of this, you are astounding in your style.


Have Confidence & Better Socials.

If you want that girls find you attractive, then you have to focus on your personality a lot because this what makes guys appeal attractive and girls to get attracted by them. You will need confidence in yourself to talk with girls and appear like a bad boy, and for building it, I already have written a complete article on (How to build confidence) so read that article.

Aftermost, You will need better social skills so that you didn’t appeal shy or you become confused about what to say when meeting with girls or somebody else. If you want to appeal attractive, then this is must, and I already have 2 Article on how to improve your communication skills (1,2), so read those to improve it because It is also going to help you in your career and further in your life.

Become Kind.

You need to become more kind towards others, and You have to help others, even more. However, If you are already a kind person who helps others a lot, then You can move to the next paragraph, but If not, then You can increase your kindness & helping nature by taking action on things mentioned below.

You can become kind by deciding that you have to become a kind person in your daily life. You can become more aware of others and help them with their problems. You can donate money to poor people to help them with their living. You can feed homeless people & children. You can teach something useful to others to help them with their career, and at last, you can help anyone you see & meet in your life. Aftermost, Try to become a better person genuinely, but not nice because you have to appeal like bad boy from outside but kind from inside.

Become Mysterious & Serious Funny.

Mysterious people are more attractive than others because they have mysteries in themselves and people know a little about them so, they want to explore everything about them. This kind of people left a reason behind to chase them and to investigate that appeals such as bad boy and not as usual school guys that make girls get attracted by them. Seamlessly, You didn’t have to tell everything to others about yourself because then you would have any mystery into yourself. 

However, with being mysterious, you also needed to become a little bit funny, not a lot, but you can throw a few subtle compliments that make people absolute laugh. It is necessary because you didn’t have to seems like a boring guy. You can find this type of better compliments on the internet.

Don’t Run Behind Girls.

You didn’t have to think about girls all the time, become a Man and Spend your time on building your fortune your career instead of on girls. However, Girls didn’t like guys who run behind them, say sorry for every mistake, say thank you for every good thing and say please for every other work. It makes everything boring and annoying, so avoid them. Instead spend time on your work, and show that you didn’t care about them, what you bother is your life, but It is not mean that you didn’t respect them. Spend time on yourself more, and Girls also like guys who do not care about girls.


Become an Expert in One.

You have to choose a skill, and You have to become an expert in it. If you become a real expert in anything, then You have something to tell others in which you are an expert and You can compete with anyone without any fear. However, It’s also going to help you in standout from others and appearing different from others, and It can also make you a popular guy. For instance, Back in High school, I was the best football player in my entire school, and even, I didn’t know anything about girls, but because of it so many girls know about me, and I was pretty popular in my high school. 

If you master a one specific and useful skill, then that skill is going to attract girls for you, and You didn’t have to do anything. 

Build Your Own Rules.

You have to learn about building your rules for most of the things because it’s your life and every person has their way to live their life, and that’s what is going to represent you different from others and not one more sheep in this whole world. If you see happening some bad things, then you have to stand out against those because now, you are a bad boy and bad boys standout to make things clear, They have the power to introduce their words in this world.

Think big and Do big.

You have to enter in the world of huge personalities & Legend people, You have to mix your life with them, go through the struggle they went, and You will learn so many things that will be going to make you also a legend. There is a book called Ikigai read this book. It is going to help you in finding an appropriate goal for yourself that you will love to do, and You will going get paid for doing it, then become a legend in whatever thing you have chosen. Further, If you still think about girls, then You will be going get so many messages to get married if you become a legend. Try to think something big for you because it is the only life you have and then make it real.

Love Your Life.

No matter how your life is going where are you, You have to learn to love your life because It is the state in which you can unlock your absolute potential to change everything. If you have learned to love your life, then you can feasibly make it much better and reach the pinnacle of it without getting frustrating & stressing about your present. However, You will be going to become much happier than before, and You will also be going to learn to enjoy every movement of your current time & work. Meanwhile, In human nature, we try to be with happy people, so, you will going to attract more girls than before.