7 Best Books You Should Read As Soon As Possible

Books are an important part of human life, as it makes us aware of the useful and amazing information that is out there. Reading books is a crucial thing for everyone and everyone at least ready 30-45 mins in a day. Reading better self improvement, finance, biographies and more category of books, develop our information and make us more knowledgeable every time we read something new. It makes us more confident about our-self, dependent and more mature. However, In this article we have 7 Best books you should read once as soon as possible. These books have a lot of great and useful information in them.

There are 7 Books You Should Read As Soon As Possible.

Books You Should Read As Soon As Possible

Eat That Frog.

I know by the name of this book, you would think that what a ridiculous name. Meanwhile, the author Brian Tracy who gave this name denotes frog with the hardest work of your day. He also says that the best time for eating that frog would be when you have just awake, Means doing your hardest work at the start of your day. When you want to achieve success or a better life, it comes not only with that commitment. You need to make a plan for it and stay productive towards it.

However, staying productive is difficult and lack of productivity leads individual with no results and they quit. They have based “Eat That Frog” book on effective and workable productive lessons to help you in staying productive and in achieving your goals.

Whatcha Gonna Do With That Duck

This book will going to introduce you to the real concept of hard work. Probably, you have heard from your grandparents & parents that, “Hey, boy/girl, do hard work in your life if you really want to be successful.” Meanwhile, Can you think for what hard work really stands. For instance, In our parents’ mind, it means working 9 to 5. In our grandparents’ mind, it means working, sweating hard in fields to grow food to fulfil their need of hunger.

However, In this era, what does hard work mean for us, where we can earn money to fulfil our needs by siting in our home writing blog posts about things that really mean to us. This book is actually worth every second you invest in it.


Ikigai is a Japanese word, which means meaning of life. This book has focused on a technique which will help you find meaning for your life, and this technique is also known as Ikigai. Ogimi, a village on the Japanese island of Okinawa, and the people live in this village live longest and happiest life and they say the secret of their wellbeing is Ikigai.

Intelligent Investor.

A brilliant book. Probably, you have heard about how investing in stocks is so much for important everyone, and they based this book on Benjamin Graham, one of the greatest investor. You are going to learn so much crucial principals and lessons about finance, investing and stock market from this book so if you have any interest in money (which everyone has) then you can read it.

The Psychology Of Money.

No matter what your financial condition and your interests are until you are a human who has someone sort of money related works in his/her life, needs this book. This book actually teaches you a real thing about money and how it works. If you want to enhance your finance and earn more money, than this book is a must for you.

This is an essential for everyone because as human money plays and crucial role in our lives. However, this book helps in developing a right behaviour and in the long term that behaviour can make you very rich, at least every ultra rich individual has that behaviour.

Think & Grow Rich.

If you are not happy with your current financial condition, then you should give a shot to this book. “Think & Grow Rich” has based on principals which helps most of the people become rich & successful in their life. This book is going to guide you from the right steps you need to take in order to achieve the success and become rich. It will train you, side by side, for conditions that you can face in this journey and will provide you with answer to conquer those conditions.

The Attention Revolution.

Once in an interview, an interviewer asked from Bill Gates & Warren Buffet a same question and both were in the separate rooms without aware of each other. The interviewer asked, “What is the most important thing for success and without that you can’t become successful in your life?“ They both answer the same thing, and that is focus.

They told that no matter what knowledge you have, if you had focus then you will not become successful in your life. The Attention revolution has based on focus and meditation. You are going to learn about so many things related to focus and meditation.