8 Best Cheap Items To Look Expensive | Look Rich On A Budget

We all wanted to look expensive without spending a lot. However, when we try to upgrade our style, it can become so expensive. Meanwhile, In this article we are going to explore 8 cheap items to look expensive. These are few items which are affordable against what value they provide. However, there are some ways too, which are completely free and you can take advantage of that to improve your style. We are going to learn these things in this article so, let’s begin…

There are 8 Cheap items to Look Expensive.

cheap items to look expensive


Knit wear always looks expensive. A man wearing a quality sweater looks expensive and attractive. Sweater appeals as heavy, thick, and worthy items which make it look more expensive than other items. However, it doesn’t matter if you want to look expensive or you just want a piece of garment which elevates your style. A great quality pair sweater can become worthy of your expectations.

Darker Color.

However, when you have considered getting any item, go for neutral colors. Neutral colors are best in every aspect and they can make you look expensive. However, neutral color garments work with each other effectively and you can make several outfits from a few pairs of garments. Neutral colors include charcoal, black, white, grey, khaki, and more. You can check all about neutral colors in this article.

Accessories & Thin Necklaces.

Accessories play an important role when you want to look expensive. In old days accessories were hand made and really expensive and only rich people could afford and from that it becomes tradition and most of the rich people wear accessories such as rings, watches and really thin necklaces. Wearing thin necklaces can appeal you as expensive. You need a 2- 4 mm thin necklace which is not tight on your neck or not hang from your neck to your chest. When you are getting yourself accessories. It is unnecessary to buy the expensive one, just go for which has better build, looks simple and you can afford it.


Watch is must buy, when want to look expensive, but as other accessories you don’t need to spend a lot on it as well. When buying a watch for yourself, look for simplicity, and fine finish. However, Accessories or are also one time purchase, so, buy one that can work easy for a long time. Meanwhile, rich people care about their time, so they wear a watch. That’s why almost every expensive man has a watch on his wrist.


Glasses can enhance your appearance instantly as you wear them. Glasses are amazing. They add extra details in your style, make you look more elegant and your face more structured & attractive. However, it is another accessory which adds into your style and make your look more comprehensive and worthy of considering. It also adds a smart or intellectual detail into your style, which makes you look more classy as well.


Nowadays, Everyone is aware of the concept that no matter how expensive your clothes are, if they didn’t fit you then they will not look better. However, you need to make sure that your clothes are according to your size. Meanwhile, the clothes you already have if they didn’t fit you well, then you can give them to tailor and get a great value from them when they actually fit you. However, it is better to buy affordable clothes and then pay for tailoring, instead of buying expensive clothes which didn’t fit you appropriately.

Look For Quality Clothes.

Whenever you are buying clothes, if you want to look better & expensive, buy less but quality clothes. Instead of a brand, look for cloth quality, stitching, design and fit. This way, you will find better value for your money and also better clothes, which will look much more attractive when wearing than any branded clothes. Meanwhile, avoid clothes with a huge logo, pattern, or graphic on them. These clothes most of the time look childish and are not ideal for looking detergent. Small logos or details have excepted.

Renew Things.

The best way to look expensive with cheap items is to renew your current items. You can wash your clothes and take care of them. Use some gentle detergent so that they didn’t look washed out. Iron or steam your clothes frequently to maintain their structure. Clean your shoes, put some powder in them to avoiding unpleasant smell. If you have leather shoes, use shoe shinning cream to maintain longevity of your shoes and also shine of your shoes.