14 Best Styling Tricks For Men| You Can Steal To Look Better

Many Individuals are good looking but don’t appeal subtly handsome. However, there are some individuals those are not as good looking, but they nail this game and appear as they are astounding, attractive, and appropriate. Meanwhile, most women find those individuals appealing. 

If you are good looking and gifted by better genes, then It is convenient to elevate your appearance. But If you are not, then It can be minor difficult despite If you have complete information about it, and In this article, you will acquire that knowledge to pinnacle your appearance. 

There are 14 Styling tricks you can steal to look better.

Styling Tricks,


Colour propose a crucial role in men style & fashion. Most of the individuals neglect the power of nailing right colours into their outfit. You can assess appropriate colours into your outfits to express what your mood is, or what your personality is. You can also control what people will think about you phycological by using suitable colours into your garments.

For Instance, If you are going for a date, and if you consider adding a pink garment into your outfit, then It will appear you more romantic and joyful person, that can increase the chances of success. 

There are the following steps you can consider to nail the right colours.


I mention it in my almost articles because It is a principal in men style, and You should follow it. It is crucial to wear clothes those are appropriate for your size, and If you are nailing fit garments, and spending minor expenses on tailoring, then You are already doing it and ahead from 70% of guys who are not doing it.

However, If you didn’t have fit clothes, then tailor them, and you will conveniently elevate your style, and enhance your appearance.


Sunglasses are a feasible way to appeal astounding. Right pair of sunglasses or glasses can flatter with your face and improve your appearance a lot. Meanwhile, For nailing an absolute sunglasses or eyeglasses for yourself, You have to know about how you can consider appropriate sunglasses or eyeglasses for yourself according to your faceshape, and styles. 

Furthermore, It is a vast topic, so we have an article on it from that you can learn everything related to sunglasses styles and face shapes.

Straight Collar.

When you are wearing a button-up shirt or collar shirt, and Its collar is not straight, then It can ruin your appearance, and appeal you as an immature person. Your dress shirt cannot devote you like a gentleman, because of your crooked collar.

In consequences, If you search “collar stay” on amazon, You will find lots of products that will be going to help you in staying your collar straight all day long, get one for yourself according to your shirt.

Master 2-3 Hairstyle.

Every Individual should master at least 2-3 hairstyles so that, He can swap around and didn’t appear dull or the same as every day. There are lots of reason, and benefits of it, It can refresh your appearance, long hairstyle didn’t work in summers & short hairstyles didn’t look appropriate in winters, and formal hairstyle didn’t appeal subtly astounding in holidays. 

You can consider any astounding short-hairstyle for yourself in summers, long-hairstyle for winters, and vintage or messy hairstyle for holidays. For nailing right hairstyles for yourself, you can consider below steps:

  1. Choose hairstyles according to your face shape.
  2. Mess with hairstyles.
  3. Learn from your mistakes.

Your Scent

The scent is a crucial part of men fashion & style. If you nail a suitable scent for yourself that will express you and your personality, then It will pinnacle your appearance. There are some proper steps that you have followed to apply fragrance in the right manner and find a scent for yourself that describes you.

  1. Choose light scent when you are a novice.
  2. Choose 2-3 scents only.
  3. Apply 2-3 sprays on warm areas.

Be Different.

Our style & fashion evolves as we grow, and we acquire more and more experience. It makes us better and better every day. In the process of improving our style, we mostly observe others and nail our outfit and hairstyles identical to them. Meanwhile, For elevating our appearance and nailing pinnacle of it, we have to style different from others, and we have to become who we are.

Next time, When you style, then try to nail outfits according to your personality and try to express who you are through your style.

Better Bag.

Many Individuals neglect it, but If you are an office, college or school person, then the bag is essentials part of your life. If you wear an appropriate outfit related your work but didn’t have a subtle bag, then your all hard work is instantly waste, the worst bag or the same bag as everyone have can ruin your overall appearance. 

However, You have to consider getting a perfect bag according to your needs and work, such as if your work is more formal, then you can scope a leather shoulder bag.

Shoes match with trousers.

It is a minor tweak, but effective, It can feasibly make you appear tall and big. If you are a short guy, then it is necessary, cause It can instantly make your appearance 2-3 inches tall then usual. When you match your shoes with trousers (same colour shoes & trouser, or slightly different shade), It Invisibles the cut between your shoe & trouser, that makes you appear as you are tall and emphasize your style.  

Tuck In T-Shirt.

Tucking your T-Shirt in can subtly add crisp into your outfit. It can make your appeal more formal and astounding then usual. When you wear a t-shirt and want to absolute your style, then consider tucking your t-shirt inside your pants, and It will work. It can also make your legs appear tall and make your overall appearance, such as a Gentlemen.

Classic Knitwear.

Knitwear is a necessity in menswear. It has the power to improve your appearance and make you attractive. However, You can only style these in winters, but there some pieces available those are much more breathable, and also light in the fabric that causes less warm. 

Furthermore, You can find most of the celebrities wear knitwears because they understand it’s power a simple crew neck dark shade knitwear (sweater) can dramatically improve your appearance.

Trousers rules.

Such as Knitwear, Trousers are also a necessity in menswear. If you have to reach a pinnacle of formal, then trousers come in handy. However, there are some rules related to trouser that you should know before wearing it, and those are:

  • Don’t wear baggy and long trousers, tailor them according to your height and fit.
  • For elevating your style, you should know about all types of trouser, and there are my favourite types of trouser, corduroy and Gurkha, those every man should nail. 

Dress Proper.

Aftermost, You have to learn to make proper outfits. For instance, assign garments for a one outfit such as this pant, shirt, sneakers, accessories are for outfit-1. Also, A specific pant, shirt, sneakers, accessories are for outfit-2. When you will do it, and You want to make other outfits, then If you exchange a piece of garment from outfit-1 with a cloth from outfit-2 (such as a shirt with shirt), then feasible, you will make an astounding outfit with minor efforts.