Black Men Fashion Guide | 7 Steps To Look Handsome

There are many individuals who think because of their complexity they will not look better. However, they try hard to make tweaks in their complexity by the use of several products you can get find in the market. Meanwhile, it just destroys their appearance even more despite of making them fair and their skin glowing. Let’s be honest changing your colour is not possible but you don’t actually need to do that, You can look so much handsome and hot even if your colour is black.

In this article, we are going to explore, “how you can look far attractive & handsome even if your colour is black” which actually don’t matter.

There you have a step-by-step black men fashion guide.

black men fashion


There are many fashion icons or bloggers suggest bold, bright & warm colours look better on black men but In mine opinion that’s not true. I suggest staying with neutral colours such as light grey, navy, maroon, dark green, beige, white and black. These colours are easy to pull off and also appeal astounding on you even you are a novice. However, If you want to try bold & bright colours don’t fear experimenting.

Clear Skin.

Clear skin, people often confuse themselves that clear skin means fair skin which appeal white, but that’s not the case. Clear skin refers to skin which didn’t have any impurity such as acnes, pimples, pigmentation, dryness, and oiliness. For appealing attractive & handsome you didn’t need fair skin but you need clear skin which looks clear and healthy. However, getting clear and healthy skin is not what you can achieve with shorter time, It is a long-time process to detoxify your body, understanding your skin type, provide it with its necessities and healing it. However, for getting clear skin read these 2 articles get clear skin and get perfect skin like celebrities.


Another thing that plays an important role in your style. Grooming includes skincare, maintaining your hairs, and being hygienic. Take care about your grooming and you can do it by following better skin care routine, which you will learn in the above 2 articles I have mentioned. Meanwhile, you have left with getting a better haircut for yourself which looks better on you, trim your bread according to your jawline. Aftermost, you need to enhance your hygiene, which you can achieve by clipping your nails in 2-3 weeks, brushing your teeth twice in a day, have a mint in your pockets to avoid bad breath. Last, take showers regularly, and clean yourself.


When you want to elevate your appearance, you will need a fit body. Because on a fit body mostly any clothes are going to appeal better, but If you are not fit, then You can struggle. However, doing exercise regularly is also going to make you healthy, increase your life expectancy and also going to save you from diseases. You can start doing workout at your home or in your garden if you have one.


Formal clothes look attractive & hot on black men’s and casual clothes look good on fair guys. If you want to elevate your style, then you should look forward to formal clothes. I have a darker tone of skin and I look much better in formal clothes than casual, but mine friends have fair skin tone and they look absolute in casual clothes. Casual clothes have careless & infidels vibe in it which is good, but it looks good on guys which have bright, energetic skin tone. Differently, we have darker and mysterious skin tone which look good with energetic, gentlemen and classic clothes like formals.

Confidence with a Smile.

Having confidence in yourself is going to boost your attractiveness to another level. You are going to look much better, engaging, and people will find easy to communicate with you. However, when you add a smile to it, it feels like cherry on the cake. It instantly makes you look twice as better from before that’s when we click photos, people say to smile. Meanwhile, Building confidence is difficult, but the easiest way is to look at your best, believing in yourself and having self respect. When you will have these things, it will become much easier for you to boost your confidence.

For having better smile, have clean teeth and If you have any problem with your teeth, then have braces to fix it. Aftermost, When your breath is fresh, teeth are white and look on their place, then smiling will become easy for you and will look better too.

Some Styling Tips.

Tailor your clothes so they fit appropriate for your size if they are not already. The second tips is you should follow some stylish people on your socials and also click photos of yours for noting your progress. Spend your money on quality clothes but not branded and also don’t run behind trend. Try to have something in your style as signature of your style, such as hat, cap, rings or necklace. It can be anything that tells others it’s you by your style.