How To Build An Effective Skincare Routine | 2 Easy Steps

We are going to learn how to build an effective skincare routine for clear skin. Many individuals are using products or even don’t have a skincare routine because they don’t know what is good for their skin and how to build a skincare routine for clear skin. We are going to dive deep and teach you about everything you need to know to build a skincare to get clear and healthy skin.

Basic Understanding About Skin.

The motive of having a skincare routine is to provide you with clear skin, preventing breakouts, help with skin problems which can occur time to time, healing hyper-pigmentation, smoothing inflation and rashes and providing you with tighten & smooth skin texture. Like everything, we need to have a good foundation and basics so that from there you edit your skincare routine according to your needs or desire.

We are going to learn about skin barriers, 4 essentials skincare product that every individual needs no matter their age, and products for intermediate & more advance skincare routine.

There 2 Steps to Build An Effective Skincare Routine.

How To Build An Effective Skincare Routine

Skin Barrer.

We apply any product on our skin to maintain healthy skin barrier and heal our skin. The skin barrier protects our skin from outside harmful stuff. The skin barrier is our outer layer of our skin. There are 3 layers in our skin, epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis. Each layer has an important function in providing us with healthy skin, but we are going to focus on epidermis for this article.

When epidermis is not healthy, then we face problems like breakouts and wrinkles. It also holds water so, maintain it hydrating or moisture is important. So, now you know why we need products to maintain healthy epidermis and to keep it hydrating and moisturize. Some product also help in maintaining health of others layers as well.

Basic Essential Skincare.

There are 4 main basic essentials that you need for better skin, no matter your age. These 4 products are Cleanser to wash your face, Toner for hydrating, which is balancing your skin, Moisturizer for hydrating & softening your skin, and Sunscreen to protect and prevent your skin from getting damage.

  1. Cleansing: It is the first step. It helps in getting rid of dead skin, dirt and oil which gets collected on your skin. These things can clogged pores on our face and lead to breakout and acne. Dry skin people stick to mild cleansers. You need to do it twice in a day (in the morning and before going to the bed).
  2. Toner: It increases water to content in our skin. Majority of toner are water based. If you think moisturizer can work, then some you can actually see that just applying moisturizer doesn’t work and your skin still is dry.
  3. Moisturizer: It is a product that everybody should have in their skincare routine. Moisturizer prevents evaporation of moisture present in your skin through whole day.
  4. Sunscreen: Now, you have done all. It is time to protect your skin. Sunscreen is the most effective way to make your skin look youthful & younger. It saves your skin from harmful sun rays, pigmentation, wrinkles and other skin problems. It can make your skin look more glowing and fair overtime.


These are basic which are necessary and everybody these 4 products first in their skincare routine. If you want minimalist or basic skincare routine. You have it, above products make a minimalist & basic skincare routine. Now, there are also intermediate or advance or special things which you can add to your skincare routine as per your requirements.

  1. If your skin is not tight or you are facing breakout, then you can go for vitamin-c serums. You are seeing wrinkles and you above age of 21, then you can use retinol. You can also look for toners which have AHA/BHA in them. I can’t all information about these in the article but I link articles & videos to their names so that you get details information about them.
  2. Night routine: In night routine you need to clean your face, then apply toner and then use night moisturizer or day moisturizer which thick but doesn’t clog your pores. It to keep moisturizer locked in your face skin for the entire night.
  3. Eye treatment: dark circles and puffy eyes happened because of your inside body so, it is unnecessary to get a specific product but you can use your current moisturizer and make sure apply it well under your eyes.