Business Casual For Men | 8 Rules to Look Better

If you are someone who has business or work to go for and most people have. They go to their office regularly. Meanwhile, It is important to look better at your work so, that you seen as a person who has better standards and you be able to leave great impression. In this article, we are going to study about business casual for men, and how it can elevate your style at work.

There are 8 Rules for Business Casual for Men.

Business Casual For Men | 8 Rules to Look Better

What is business Casual Style?

It is more formal but relaxed style. It makes you look classy but you didn’t need to wear suit everyday. When people become tried of uncomfortable business clothing or work clothing. It came into style.

There are some things which you have to follow, and you are done with your business casual style.

No Suits.

Well, suits were uncomfortable and people can’t wear those for all day and everyday. Therefore, Business casual got invented, so, people didn’t have to wear suits but they can still maintain that formality or classy look.

No Jeans.

In the start of business casual Levi’s was the first introduce chinos pants. These were not as uncomfortable as suit pants because of fabric but they were not casual as jeans or joggers.

No t-shirts.

When you are styling business casual you need to avoid t-shirts as it can become more casual and unformal. However, Button-up and Button-down t-shirts are which you have to prefer. Polo are bit more formal then usual t-shirts but you need to be careful.

No Sneakers.

It obvious as that sneakers can become too overwhelming, in business casual. You need to go for shoes and avoid sneakers. Because shoes are a crucial part of your style, and if you made it super casual or relaxed by wearing sneakers then It can go wrong. However, there are many type of sneakers available in the market such as white leather sneakers. If it is completely plain white then It can work. Meanwhile, avoid those sporty sneakers.

No Sandals or flip flops.

This is common and You understand that if you need to stay away from sneakers and there is huge no for sandals & flip flops.

No Casual Boots.

There are many casual boots available. However, you need to make sure you are avoiding those and You only need to go for boots which are more formal.

Ties are not required.

If you are a work person and If you want you can avoid wearing ties. Ties are not mandatory and I always say no ties (don’t know why). Make sure collar of your shirt is well structured. It is not crumbled and It is on its place.

Tucked in Shirts.

Most of the times your shirts should be tucked in. Because we are also trying to look classy with casual wearing shirt with no suit or tie can work but if your shirt is not tucked in then It can become too overwhelming. You are going to be in more casual territory.