How To Buy Quality Clothes At Affordable Price| 7 Principles

Finding better, branded, fashionable and stylish clothes is not as feasible and can become so much expensive to nail. Many individuals sacrifice the idea of wearing quality clothes and elevating their style because of it. Meanwhile, In conclusion, and for making it easy and affordable for you, there are some tricks or principles available that fashion enthusiast knew and use to buy quality clothes at affordable price. You are going to learn to save lots of money while buying clothes, and You will learn some principles that are going to make your clothes live longer while being wearable & stylish.

There are principles To Buy Quality Clothes at Affordable Price.

Buy Quality Clothes At Affordable Price

Buy In Sales.

It is the most common principle to buy clothes in sales so that you can get discounts and save your money. Meanwhile, Most of the people are aware of it, but some people didn’t, and They didn’t buy clothes during sales seasons and end-up wasting their money on an over-priced garment. Seamlessly, There are sales seasons periods, most commons are from the end of January to start of February or the end of June to the start of July and around festivals or special occasions. 

However, You can make this process feasible by using any shop tagger app (from that you can tag any favourite item, and It will notify you when there is any discount on that item.) This method can save you a lot of money and provide you will huge discounts on your specific garments.

Build a Consistent Wardrobe.

You have to build a Wardrobe, and You have to buy clothes according to that Wardrobe. Whenever you are buying clothes, consider that you can feasibly wear those clothes with existing garments in your Wardrobe, so that whatever clothes you are purchasing you can wear them for a long time. Furthermore, They are also going to appear better with your existing garments that can make your Wardrobe much flexible and wearable. 

Find Affordable Stores

I saw people running behind huge brands clothes, and I saw that the clothes they sell have an expensive price value. Meanwhile, It is a mistake that causes you a lot of money to spend. These large brands have quality clothes, but they also have pretty expensive markups on those, which makes them not value for money. Seamlessly, If you try to become more open-minded and leave behind these brands and find brands that are not as big but have quality garments on an affordable price, then You can get a subtle deal. 

However, I have an article in which I have shared some of my favourite stores that have quality clothes, but at way affordable price than these big brands, you can find them on “How to buy menswear on cheap” article.

Take-Care Of Clothes.

Buying quality clothes at an affordable price is not the only thing that can save your money, You can as well take care of them and increase the life of your clothes so that you didn’t need to buy other garments for a long time. Most of the clothes had a tag on them about “How to wash them” ready this carefully and follow the guide to wash that cloth and It will automatically going to increase the life & quality of that garment for a while.

However, there are some tips on how you can make your new clothes new, sustain and better for much longer. Whenever you are washing clothes, wash it according to washing guide tag on it and incase the cloth you are washing didn’t have it then use these tips, squeeze water from your clothes gently by your hands (don’t twist them or stretch by pressure). Do not bleach your clothes, when drying clothes flip them inside out and don’t over-dry them, and wash your clothes into cold water. 

Invest in Better Washable.

You need to invest in better washable. Washables are necessary, and You need as best as possible and also consider washables those are not rough on clothes such as gentle detergents. These are not going to harm your clothes as regular detergents do and possibly increases the life & quality of your clothes for much longer. They also help in making your clothes appear new and not get faded colours. 

However, You should not wash your clothes all the time, try to wear them as much as possible and wash as less as possible. In case of jeans, you can wear them for weeks until they start smelling by storing them every night into your refrigerator (pack them into a plastic bag and put them into your refrigerator overnight.)

Better Shoes.

I can say the only thing on which you can spend your money and get value is shoes, but You need to ditch trendy sneakers & shoes and Consider about elegant & stylish pairs. Shoes are the crucial part of a style, and You need to spend money them, buy better shoes, and they will be going to last for a long time. However, You also need to find better stores that sell better quality shoes at an affordable price such as Bata, Thursday boots, Converse, Vans and the New Republic are some of my favourite brands those I consider the most.

Take-Care Of Shoes.

You also have to learn about taking care of your shoes if you are spending money on them. First of all, you need to know that water can destroy your shoes so, if you have leather and suede materials of shoes then Please do not wear them in rains or water. You can wear basic-clothes materials shoes such as Nike sports shoes have, or most of the running shoes have, or converse shoes have, Seamlessly, You can apply candle wax on it to make it kind of waterproof.

There are more tips on taking care of your shoes, keep away your shoes from dust as much as you can, provide proper air to your shoes, Put shoe tree into your shoes while you are not wearing them, Use polish and shinner, clean sole of your shoes, and use proper guide to clean it according to its material. You can find youtube videos guide on washing shoes according to the materials for that you can properly clean your shoes without harming them.