Complete Guide For Men Fashion | 5 Sections TO BECOME EXPERT

Internet is a gigantic sea of information and These all pieces of information are so much crucial for us. However, when we get an enormous mess of knowledgable context, then It becomes hard for us to find valuable information from all of them that we need for the present movement to make ourself better. Seamlessly, I am not able to organise every piece of information for you. But I did my work and made a complete guide for men fashion for you by collecting, testing and ordering the best articles and information that you need to transition from ugly, unattractive, unprofessional to stylish, handsome, badass & attractive.


Complete Men Fashion Guide

I have made this article in 5 sections, and each one has its targeted subject to follow and provide information regards to that subject. It is impossible to make a “Complete Guide For Men Fashion” in a single article, so that’s why I have mention links of the small subjective-articles those are specific to their chosen topic to provide you with the necessary information in an organised manner. 

However, If you completed this article with all the other subjective-articles, and apply all knowledge in reality, then you can reach a position of stylish & attractive individual. I suggest taking at least 2 Days to complete 1 Section and then take 2-3 days to experiment with all things you have learned and then repeat this process for the rest of the article. It should be going to take at least a month to transition your style.

Section 1: Hairs.

We are starting with hairs, and In this section, you are going to learn about 4 Most crucial things intermediate haircare, things that damage hairs, face shapes and hairstyles. There is an article about “things that damage your hairs” in this article, you are going to learn about mistakes that causes weak hairs, poor hair health, hairs loss and hair scalp damage. This article will be going to help you with fixing or preventing any health issues with your hairs.

There is we have our second article of this section that is on “how you can properly style your hairs for achieving your desired hairstyle.” This article will teach you everything related to how professionals style their hairs and what products or utensils you will need in this process. Meanwhile, For choosing an appropriate hairstyle for you, you should need to know about what faceshape you have, and you can learn it from this article “determine your faceshape.” Aftermost, There are we have an article on some Attractive hairstyles to find a perfect hairstyle for you.

If you completed this section with all subjective-articles, then you can become an advance in hairstyles and You can elevate your health and appearance of your hairs. Further, You have done with hair-guide.

Section B: Skincare & Hygiene.

This section is all about skincare and hygiene as these both are crucial aspects in becoming attractive. I have made a whole course on skincare, and I have divided that into two articles (1: Clear Skin, 2: Perfect Skin). The first article shares basic things you need to get better skin, and The second article provides you with an advance level of skincare tips & information that professionals use to make their skin perfect. 

However, there is a specific article on acne and pigmentation, as many people have these problems so if you have, you can get a cure of it from these above articles. Further, You will be going to learn everything about getting glowing, healthy, clear and perfect skin from these above 4 Articles, and you can drastically improve your skin to the next level.

Hygiene is a thing that can break your overall appearance or save your overall appearance it is so much crucial. There you have two articles on hygiene the first is “12 hygiene tips you need” and the second is “Oral hygiene,” in the first article you will learn some necessary hygiene practices to do. In the second article, you are going to get cure of 10 oral problems such as bad breath, yellow teeth, weak gums, dirty tongue, weak teeth and more. 

Section 3: Health & Fitness.

Health is an overall necessary thing not only for better appearance but also for a better life. You can make your health, even more, better without doing a lot of the workout by following this article “make your body active & fit,” this article has easy ways to do health practices through the whole day without compromising with your work and time. In this section, we have a second article on essential vitamins and their sources. This article includes vitamins that are highly beneficial for our appearance and overall health. You will also learn about foods & fruits those have these vitamins and specific benefits.

Section: 4 Style

This section belongs to the style in which you are going to learn about outfits, styling tips & tricks that are necessary to make your appearance better what you are going to look from outside. First of all, styling and making better outfit is a skill, and you improve it by experimenting with you have, The most important thing is whatever clothes you are wearing should fit you well. Your clothes shouldn’t have to be oversize or tight they should suits you as they have made for your size. 

Furthermore, there is an article on “how you can make perfect outfits,” and there is another article on “best fall outfits to inspire you and provide you with an instance.” There we have some styling mistakes article to tell about what you shouldn’t do in style, Aftermost there is another article on styling tips & tricks and everything else about the fashion you will be going to learn with experience. Remember to take at least two days for each section and a minimum of 2 Days on experimenting what you are learning because this article is about to give you a makeover to transition your overall appearance and Personality.

Section 5: Personality.

What makes these badass & attractive people this much charming and why girls are mad for them it is their Personality. However, If you consider developing your Personality like them, then You will find that there are lots of mysterious good things that they have similar in them. Those make them that much attractive and These all things and behaviours are worth adding in your Personality. There is an article on becoming a gentleman in this you will find simple things that are going to make you a better person. 

There are have two articles on overcoming shyness & improving your communication skills these articles are going to improve your engagement with others and social skills. However, there are we have our last article on making girls notice you, in this article, you will learn about Personality development and lots of good things that you should have into yourself.