How To Cure Chapped, Dry And Dark Lips | 5 Causes & Solutions

Lips are the most sensitive area of the body, and maintaining them is also a headache but for making this process feasible and helping you with the topic of “How to Cure Chapped, Dry & Dark Lips.” We have this whole article for your lip care routine. In this article, You can get a brief overlook of how lips work and most of the causes that becomes the reason for most of the problems related to lips. However, You will also get a solution for particular difficult for your lips so that your lips cure fast and effectively.

Let’s start our article with causes so that you can find a cause that becomes a reason for your problem and then we will learn about fix our problem according to the conditions so that you treat your lips right.

Dark lips,

Some Medicines.

If your lips are becoming dark, then some medicines that you are taking can become a cause for it, such as cancer medicine. However, If your lips began becoming dark after you have started taking any Medicine then You have to consider about it. Meanwhile, You need to find that You need those medicines if those are necessary, or You can leave them or change them by consulting with your doctor.  

Over Sun Exposer.

Lips can become dark by a lot of sun exposure. You have already known about that over exposer to the sun can make our skin appear dark and can affect our skin pigments, also leads to some skin problems, and the same happens with our lips. They also become dark by overexposure to the sun. In conclusion, You can apply lip balm which has SPF in it. It can protect your lips from the sun.

Don’t Smoke.

If you smoke, then Smoking can become a reason for your dark lips and not for your dark lips only but also so many other problems related to cancer, skin and other critical diseases. However, Smoking has Tar & Nicotine, which shrink blood vessels and decrease blood flow that causes dark lips and also dark gums or some patches. Aftermost, Break this habit because it has a lot of disadvantages that can cause serious diseases.

Don’t Lick & Bite Your Lips.

 Licking or Biting your lips can make your lips dry, chapped and dark. It is a huge mistake people do, licking your lips can provide you with 20-40 sec of relief, but after 2-3 mins, your lips are again going to become drier and worst then before. It happens because saliva in our mouth contains a lot of enzymes & bacterias to digestion & breakdown food particles and when we apply that saliva on our lips, it does its job, and our lips become worst. 

Flavour, Fragrance & Dark products.

Most of the time people take products which have Flavour in them such as most of the lip balm you can find in the market, have some Flavours in them, and identical to it, most of them also have fragrances in them. These things make your lips dark & unhealthy. Meanwhile, When you are buying any lip balm then consider that whatever lip balm you are buying should have SPF in it and doesn’t have Flavour or fragrances in them. 

However, For women, those love to apply dark lipstick, avoid those as much you can or take it off completely before going to bed. These can become a solid reason for your Darken lips. 



If you are asking for a cure at this point then You have already known it, You need to avoid the causes I have introduced with you above, and Your lip problems is going vanish. However, You have to consider about vitamin deficiency because sometimes this can also become a cause so you should eat fish & eggs for vitamin-B12 and Citrus fruits for vitamin-C. Meanwhile, If you are vegetarian, then You can get vitamin-B12 throw supplements. 

Aftermost, For boosting the process of curing & making your lips healthy and attractive, I have some home remedies that you can create and use at the comfort of your home and get instant & better results.

Home Remedies.


This home remedy is for exfoliating your lips so that they can become healthy & brighter. However, You need a baby brush or a soft brush, and You need Honey, Sugar and Coconut oil. Honey has natural exfoliating properties in it, Sugar is going to work as scrub and Coconut oil is going to moisturizer your lips. After doing the exfoliating process, you should apply lip balm on your lips.


In our second home remedy, You need Beetroot, Mint and Turmeric. Beetroot is going to provide your lips with red pigment which will make your lips red & bright. Mint act as natural bleach and Turmeric helps in cleaning your lips colour.