How To Create Diet For being Lean with Muscles.

In this article we are going to learn about how to create a diet for being lean with muscles. If you want to gain muscles but you have excess fat around your belly or thighs or around arm pits, then your body will not look muscular and lean. When we try to gain muscles, we can do a lot of hard work for six packs or for a body in which we can see our muscles properly.

However, this doesn’t happen because most of us have fat around our belly and a layer of fat on our body which hides all muscles and prevents our body from looking muscular. Meanwhile, it is correct by nutrition means you need to start a maintenance diet with few calories at cut with cardio to achieve properly appealing six packs and muscular body, like in the image below. This is how professional achieve those six-packs and detail muscles appeal body.

There 3 Steps To Create a diet For Being Lean with Muscles.

How To Create Diet For being Lean with Muscles.

Actual Diet.

Diet is going to be the most important part step. As you are trying to decrease your body fat percentage, you need to cut. So, first we need to find your body maintenance level calories, which you do by visiting this website. Now, get yourself a body weight checker, and a small weight checker to check weight of food you are eating.

Check your body weight when at the same time with by following a same routine. When you know your maintenance calories, you need for your body, note it down. Now, download an app called MyFitnessPal. It is going to help you know how many calories food has by entering its weight. Learn to cook if you don’t know because this way you will know what and how much you are eating more accurately.

When you are making your food, weight everything from sugar or oil to vegetables or things you are putting in your meal. You easily check how many calories food has by entering its weight in the app. Now, remember 1 gram protein has 4 calories, 1 gram carbs has 4 calories and 1 gram of fats has 9 calories. Last thing you need be patience and make your diet plan sustainable.

First calories now, you want to reduce your weight burn fat, then you need to eat in a calorie deficit. At least subtract 200 calories from your maintenance level calories so that so can burn your fat, now you need to check your weight time to time so that you can notice that you actually losing your weight or not and according to that you can adjust your calories with time to time.

Protein is most important macro nutrient, so your daily protein goal should be 1.7g to 2.2g per kg of weight. We have a scale because the leaner you get, the more muscle mask you need, so need more protein. Let’s understand everything with example. Let’s say my weight is 80 and I am taking 2g of protein, so for finding out how much protein I need to eat every day, I will multiply my weight with 2g protein and the amount of protein I need to take is 160g.

Now, according to my weight and age, I got my maintenance calorie 2800. As we know, 1g protein has 4 calories now, we will multiply 160g with 4 to get how many calories we will get if we take 160g protein that is 640 calories.

For hormonal function, fats are necessary, so if I multiply my body weight with 0.88, then I will get my ideal fat intake. In my case, 80 X 0.88 = 70.4g of fats and Multiply with 9 calories to get total calories, which is 633 calories from fats. Now, carbs don’t make you fat so, the rest of calories you need will take it is from carbs. So, Protein 160g = 640 calories and Fats 70.4g = 633 calories which is total 1273 calories.

Now, by subtracting 200 from 2800 maintenance calories and then subtracting 1273 calories, we will end up with calories we need to take from carbs. Result is 2800 – 200 =2600, and 2600 -1273 =1327. So, 2600 is the total calorie we need to take and 1327 is calorie I need take from carbs, for knowing how many carbs I need to eat in weight, just divide 1327 with 4, which is 331g. So, now, I have my whole diet planned, you can plan it as well.

Which is:

weight = 80 kg.

Protein: 160g = 640 calories.

fats: 70.4g = 633 calories.

Carbs: 331g = 1327 calories.

Total calories: 2600

Now, as you are following your diet, a point will come at which you will stop reducing fat or your body weight. Then you have 2 options, increase cardio to burn 160 calories or subtract 160 calories from diet from carbs as well subtract calories from carbs. However, men don’t go below 1600 calories.


Don’t put more efforts in your workout, such as increasing reps or more. Do your workout or training as you were doing and follow your workout daily. Make sure whatever you are training, you are providing at least 48 hrs to it to recover. If you are not sure about your workout, then talk to your trainer. Just make sure you are not pushing hard, you are doing as much workout that it help your build muscles and doing all the exercise in the perfect form.


Cardio is good, as if you mistakenly or if you were feeling hungry, you eat more calories than you burn them while doing cardio. It is going to make your work so much easier on the journey of being lean and muscular. However, you need to avoid doing intense cardio, just do easy cardio such as 20 in cycling, and 30-1 hr walking. Any workout which requires more cardio or intense decrease its time do it for short period. Because at some point, your body will adapt to it and start burning fewer calories. We need to avoid this to happen, as it will ruin our whole routine.