Dinning Manners: 7 Best Steps Guide To Restaurants Manners.

Here, we are in Gentlemen arena.

Dinning manners are crucial for both personal & professional life. Good manners can save our business meetings, job interviews, date with crush and reputation. However, this article includes everything about dinning manners & restaurants from entry to exit.

Let’s begin…

There 7 Steps of Restaurant Dinning Manners.

Dinning Manners,
Dinning Manners

Be Ready.

Restaurant Dinning, You need to behave in a manner so that you appear respected in front of others without making them feel uncomfortable. Before you move ahead for the invitation, you got to eat in the restaurant. You need to check if you can actually afford to eat in that restaurant. Check if you can pay for your meal if you have invited or if you can pay for the meals of people you are inviting just in case. If you can’t afford it, just say that I can’t afford in that restaurant, and suggest a restaurant where you can afford an average meal for yourself.

Meanwhile, if you have any food allergy or if you don’t eat some foods, then check if they don’t offer that food or you can get something else in that restaurant. Do this in advance because discussing this in the restaurant takes a lot of time and doesn’t feel appropriate. Sometimes, it will become an issue if restaurant can’t co-operate with it.

After most, make a reservation in advance. If a restaurant doesn’t accept online reservation, then it’s not the right one for business meetings & dates. It will save you from standing in a restaurant waiting for empty tables. At last show up at time or arrive early.


I have mentioned many times about wearing clothes according to the event. However, As this article is about restaurant dinning manners, it is common sense to wear formal clothes. You need to stay away from sneakers, jogger, jeans, and ripped chinos. You can wear any classic shoe or boots such as monk straps or chelsea boots. In pants, you can consider trousers or formal chinos with a formal shirt or polo t-shirt (If even is not that formal or in summer days).

However, if you choose, you can wear a coat or a jacket, but it is better for senior to wear a formal jacket or a coat.

Meanwhile, if you have worn coats or hats, then just ask from the restaurant staff to hang that somewhere or a place where you can hang it. Most of time, restaurants take coats & hats from you to hang in their closet and provide you with a slip which you can give them back to take your stuff.


When you are already waiting in the restaurant and your folks, partner or business people came where you are sitting to sit with you. First, you need to stand up from your chair and you need to shake hands with a proper smile and Shake hands properly (not with too strength and not with weakness).

However, also if you are aware of your counter party local habits, then it would be much better like in India instead of shaking hands people are used to say namaste by joining their hands with a little bend towards person. Meanwhile, In japan, they also bend & lower their head towards the counter party to give them respect.

Aftermost, if you are reaching after they have arrived then you are already in standing position and you need follow every thing else same as we discuss above.

Talking With Staff.

When you are talking with the staff of the restaurant, then you need to talk in manner. You need to take patients like when server provides you with a menu of their restaurant. Meanwhile, now, you can tell them about your food preferences if you have any understandingly. However, when you will taste your mean then server will ask you about how food tastes and if it doesn’t taste better than you can tell them, and they will be happy enough to give you something else.

In case you want to compline about food or something else, do it understandably and say it closely to the server so that it wouldn’t create any scene. Aftermost, If server doesn’t listen or didn’t have authority then ask to talk with the manager.


Whenever you are going to an expensive restaurant. It would be right to take your children with you because that ruins the formality. Children also play with food which can make the table on your guys are sitting dirty or they can spill food here and there. They are children so it’s not there mistake; it is that there brains are still in developing, in order to control their emotion & behaviour. Rather, choose to go to any average restaurant or bit down from that if you want to go with children.

Table Manners.

Table manners are important and a huge topic to cover so I will make another article specific for that, but I am going to share with you some most crucial things in this article as well. First, when you are sitting on your chair, acquire whole sitting area of the chair so that legs of the chairs should be parallel to your legs. Also, take care that you back properly rest on chair back support and your highs and legs make a 90-degree angle and your feet rest on the floor.

Second, when you are eating make sure that spoon comes to your mouth not that you bend towards your plate. However, when you are eating like this, having a cloth on your laps, or wearing a bib (cloth wear during eating which hangs from neck to chest) is necessary.

Tipping & Payment.

For paying there are 2 conditions: first, is that everyone pays for themselves, and second is that the host who has invited everyone pays for everyone. However, it is unnecessary that the host pay for everyone, so, if you get invited then always carry money at least for your meal and if you have eaten a lot or an expensive meal, then you should pay for your meal.

Always pay for yourself. Meanwhile, if you are the host and you have invited others, then you should pay for their meals as well or discuss it before ahead to the restaurant so that other carry money for their meal. Now, just put your credit inside the bill wallet that server provides you. However, Don’t just start counting cash on in front of other and put cash into the billing wallet.

Aftermost, if you are host then provide your credit to the server in advance so that you didn’t have to worry about payment and take it when you guys head out. However, in most restaurant they will come to you and return you, your card after charging payment.