Does She Like You or Is she just being nice | 5 Best Things

Women are so hard to understand. It’s mainly happens because we men mainly use direct statements while talking and women uses in direct statements while talking. We do this without even noticing. Some men can talk indirectly to show their politeness during the conversation. Meanwhile, indirect statements go above from the head of most men, which is why it is very hard for us to understand women.

However, in this article, we are going to clear your confusion related to question, “Does she like you or is she just being nice.” In this article, we will take common conditions in which we most of the men are and try to find out according to the actions of girl you want to know about. Does she like you or is she just being nice?

There are 5 Things To know, “does she like you or is she just being nice”

Does She Like You or Is she just being nice

If She At Work.

First, let’s clear this. If any women is at work, then it’s her work responsibility because of why she is being nice to you. If any girl is at her work, if she is a server, assistants, nurses, or more. She is doing her job and she not interested in you; she being friendly with you because it her work to be friendly with you. You are her customer and it her job to be polite with costumers. If you meet girl outside girl work or job hours and she not at work, and she is again being friendly, making eye contact, and asking you question then she might be interested in you.

If She doesn’t, Reach Out or Text You First.

If you are the one who is reaching her out every time, and she hasn’t texted you first for once, then just let it go. It can be because she doesn’t want to tell you she doesn’t like you and it can be because she doesn’t want to hurt your feeling. Even if she replies to you every time you text her, it can be because she sees you as a friend, but if you are the one who is texting first all the time. It is a problem by doing that you can make her feel irritated, so stop doing it. It can be better for you and her as well.

If a girl likes you, then she will text you. She will like your photos and watch some stories as well, not all the time, but she will. If these things are not happening, she is might trying to be nice and don’t want to hurt your feelings. It can also be that she has some obligations such as you were at some point her friend or coworker.

Canceling Last Minute.

If you have asked a girl to come out with you and she agrees, but in the end, she makes some excuses that she can’t come, then this can become a solid reason that she is not interested in you. Canceling at the last minute is a big sign that she doesn’t like you. Specially, if this happened 2-3 times then you should not waste your more time. There could be something which holds her, to tell you she doesn’t like you. Otherwise, these types of signs are clear that she doesn’t want to hangout with you.

Asking Questions.

If a girl asks questions from you most of the times and your both person conversation stands for 10-20 minutes, then she might be interested in you. If any girl is interested in you, she will try to talk to you. However, you need to check if you are when a girl’s obligation or condition is as that she has to ask you questions. In this condition, she is just try to ask question to make conversation or to avoid awkward movements and she is not really interested in you.


This is the powerful sign that she likes you. If she touches you in any form, such as on your shoulders, your hairs, or a touch to your forearm or hands, then she likes you. However, handshakes are not part of this because it’s usual to shake hands when meet someone.