Don’t Wear Your Jeans Wrong (7 Rules To Get Best Fit.)

Don’t wear your jeans wrong as jeans are easily the most common garment we wear. They can enhance your style quite a lot and make you look attractive in no time, if you become able to nail the right fit. However, this article got you cover, we are going to learn about 6 rules to get the best fit of jeans. Meanwhile, we will also discuss some do’s and don’t about jeans so that you can look even better when wearing your badass jeans.

There are 6 Rules to get the Best fit of jeans (Don’t Wear Your Jeans Wrong).

Don't Wear Your Jeans Wrong

Best Fit On Your Seat.

No matter what type of jean you are buying, or what type of style (loose or skinny) you want from your jean. Your seat or butt area of jean should fit at balance of loose & tight. Your jean from seat area should fit right and you know it, if it fits well on your butts but it doesn’t feel tight when you sit while you are wearing your jean. When you feel that your jean is nicely fit on your seat area but don’t feel loose or tight when you sit down, then it’s the right fit. This method is same to check right seat fit of your jean for every type of jean.

Correct Waist.

There are 3 types of waist in jeans: low waist, medium waist & high waist. However, it’s not recommend that you go for low waist so we eliminate that as it doesn’t look good. High waist is for individuals who have enormous belly, as it helps in creating an illusion by covering some part of belly.

Meanwhile, medium waist is the ideal and you should go for it. The correct waist fit would be when you can wear jean with no need of belt, and also you put your 2-3 fingers easily inside your jean waist. However, sometimes individuals get a right fit for their seat area but their waist is not correct. In that case, you can give that jean or tell shop workers to tailor that waist according to your size. Most of the shops have tailor and most of the time it’s free of any charge.

Your Thigh.

Now, let’s talk about thighs. When you are buying your jean, first, it should fit in your seat area, then Waist (if not, adjust it), then most of the time thighs automatically fit right considering right seat fit. However, right fit for thighs is that your jeans fit you on your thighs and have extra 2-3 inches of fabric. This way your thighs are going to look natural. Instead, in case of tight jean, your thighs will look like sausages and In case of loose jean your thighs will not appear at all.


Now, it is the chaff which helps you mostly determine which type of jean it is. It has a straight, loose, skinny or slim fit vibe. However, recommend chaff style are straight & tapered. Meanwhile, loose is in trend but you can’t wear it with boots, it is only for sneakers & low top sneakers such as vans, converse, white leather sneaker and more.

Loose jeans are also hard to style compared to straight & tapered. Meanwhile, we are not recommending skinny jeans because it is a kind of out of style and also it gives feminine vibe.


Now, there are different length for which you can go. There is a full break. In full break you have a generous amount of fabric on your foot lying, this consider as tradition or old school. Meanwhile, if you what to fold your jeans then you can go with it. You can see the full break in the image above. Then there is half break which a right balance of Full break & No break length of jean. In which, your jean length ends right close or bit below to your ankles.

You can’t see your shock in this fit while standing. Mentioned in the image above. Aftermost, we have no break. It is a length in which your socks or ankles are little exposed. You can see your socks little while standing or it’s just above your ankles.


Aftermost, Material of your jean matter as well. 100% cotton jeans are rugged and hard. These have less or no stretch to them. These also feel less comfortable when wearing. If this concern you and you don’t like hard or less or no stretchable jeans and they feel uncomfortable for you, then you can consider jeans which have 2-5% elastane material into them as well. Jeans which contain elastane material are stretchable and more comfortable compared to the jeans which are made from 100% cotton.