4 Easy Steps To Improve Your Skin Texture.

It feels so uncomfortable to have a skin texture which is filled with acne, blackheads, large pores and rashes. Individuals who have these types of skin texture have to suffer from low self-esteem and less confidence. However, some people also make fun or compliment that why you have such worst skin, but if someone has a problematic skin texture or his or her skin is not that subtle, glowing and smooth, then it’s not their fault. Meanwhile, in this article, I am going to share with 4 Easy ways to improve your skin texture. You will know how you can get bright, clean, glowing, and smooth skin.

There 4 Easy Steps to Improve Your Skin Texture.

Improve Your Skin Texture


No matter which type of skin you have, it would be oily, dry or combination skin type. You need to exfoliate your skin so that you can clean it properly and didn’t have dirt or dead skin cells to clog pores on your face and cause breakout. There are 2 types of exfoliates, chemicals and physical. Chemical ones contain AhA’s/BHA’s or glycolic, which can eat away all dead skin cells and clean it before applying. You should leave it there to do its job.

You need to use these 2-3 times in a week. There are physical ones as well which contain physical substance or tiny particles in them which you can feel. In this you are just scrubbing your face with these particles in order to remove dead skin cells, dirt and oily. These often natural, so consider as gentle, but sometimes it can be harsh it if you rub it harshly or put too much efforts. You can use any you like or you use both after skipping few days.


Treatment is the step in which you will see the most results. There are passive ways in which you use products which have higher amount of AHAs/BHAs in them which helps in cleaning your skin from above or remove the layer of face skin which also increases its 28 days recovery time. You can use retinol 1-2 in a week. However, if you are using retinol, then use a sunscreen with it in the day or apply it at night time and apply moisturizer above it and clean your face in the morning.

There is more aggressive or active type in which you get treatment from outside specialist to remove the uppermost layer of your skin. However, if you have sensitive skin, then try to avoid it and no matter your skin type, first utilise passive methods, then if your skin needs, then go for aggressive methods.


It so much important. If you are using products or methods which clean your face skin, then you have to use moisturizer as these methods really make your skin dry so, you need to hydrate it, and moisturize it. Hyaluronic acid is the acid you need to look for when buying moisturizer. It is already available in your skin so, using apply product which contains it you actually putting back hyaluronic into your skin. You need to hydrate your skin properly. As hydrating is also much important so you need to drink more water as well.


This is a temporary fix. You can use makeup to hide your scars or acne on your face. It will not fix or heal your problems, but it can hide them. All steps from above are to heal and actually fix your problems and improve your skin health and texture.

However, if your skin is in poor condition, then you use this step as well to hide while using all steps from above consistently for 2-5 weeks to see results, and when you will not need this step or if you are women, then you do makeup. You need to know that all the steps have depended on each other if you are not doing step 1 then you will not see result from step 3 and you will perform step 1 or 2 but not step 3 then it doesn’t matter to do them in first place.