5 Fastest Ways to Reduce Body Fat

If you have a fatty body or you are gym guy who wants to decrease their body fat percentage, or you are a simple individuals who want to decrease fat percentage from his or her body. We are going to learn about 5 Fastest Ways to Reduce Body Fat.

There are 5 Fastest ways to Reduce Body Fat.

5 Fastest Ways to Reduce Body Fat

Eliminate All High Calories Dense food.

First, eliminate all the high calories dense food from your diet. These are food which include a large amount of calories in them such as nuts or peanut butter. There are so many food items which are relatively fewer calories and provide a lot amount of nutrient and make your stomach fill for a longer time. We know these types of food as low calories, dense food, and the biggest example of that are vegetables and fruits.

These have very low calories in them but can make your stomach fill for a longer time. Vegetables have so many fibre and some of them actually have even fewer calories. We gain fat because we eat more calories than our maintenance calories in a day, and if we eat food which has fewer calories but fills our stomach for longer, then automatically it becomes easy to lose fat.

High Protein Diet.

Increase your protein intake. Protein, increase your muscle building. However, people who have muscle burn more calories than who don’t, even if they are just sitting around. You need to build more muscles that’s you have to start exercise and try to build because it’s going to make your easier and you will also burn even more calories while you are working out.

This way you are getting two benefits by doing one thing and you will look better as well. There are some more benefits. When comparing protein to carbs and fats, protein is more filling, so it fills your stomach for even longer. Because of this, you will not feel any unnecessary hunger. Protein has higher thermic effect, which means our body consumes more energy for dissolving it.

Take Time While Eating.

Use a smaller spoon or make smaller bit for eating food and spend more time to eat a same amount of food as you eat before. This way, your brain will think that you have eaten more food, and it will take a lot of time to get hunger again. However, this way you don’t have to eat more even if you haven’t hunger but your brain says that you are. This happens when you eat your food fast. Your brain says that you still hunger even if you are, and you end up eating more.

Increase Your Water Intake.

Water is going to best friend and will going to save you from so many times from when you are thinking you are hungry but it reality you are thirsty. People confuse thirst into hunger. However, drinking is going to make you hydrate, which decreases your chances of getting hungry, and water has no calories.

Because water has to calories, you can use it so, things to save calories. Try to have a water bottle with you, and when you have a water bottle with trust me, you will drink water like a camel. Drink at least 2.5 litres plus water in a day. It also helps your skin look better, brain feel less tired and makes your body health better.

Have Fixed Meal Timing.

You should have fixed meal timing, and didn’t eat after 1-2 hours. Try to divide your whole day meal into 3 meals in a day and in between that do fasting. This way, you will not consume more calories than your goal calories. It will going to be easier for you to follow your calories.

However, when you eat carbs, it spick up your blood sugar levels, which promotes you eat even more food. This why try to schedule most of the carb of your diet around when you do the most energy consume work of your day. Also, try to complex carbs as they fill your stomach for long. Here is a list of complex carbs. Simple digest too easily so you will become hunger quickly, which increases your calorie intake.