How To Get Clear and Whiting Skin like Korean’s 2021.

Korean men & women have smooth, clear and whiting skin, which looks nearly perfect. Meanwhile, we can use & follow a few of their tricks & habits and we can also get skin like them. Above statement is most logical and if you can find what’s working for others, then most of the times, it is going to work for you too. However, that’s why in this article, I have collected few things which most of the Koreans used to make their skin look absolute.

6 Things to get clear and whiting skin like Korean men

Get Clear & Whiting Skin like Korean's
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I have this one at the top because you can’t achieve better and clear skin until your skin is clear & healthy from inside. Cleaning your body from inside is easy, but you need to be consistent with it. You need to develop some better habits, and those habits are maintaining better digestion system, not eating unhealthy food, and doing exercise or running. You need to improve your digestion system because it is what responsible for processing food, absorbing nutritions and excretion. This is the most important step in cleaning your body from inside. If you stop eating all the time, eating excessively and eating unhealthy food, then it can drastically improve health of your digestion system.

Doing exercise is going to make you sweat and through sweat most of the toxic substances are going to get out of your body. It is also going to help your digestion system digest quicker and better.

Rice Made Products.

Products which have made from rice are pretty popular in Korean, and people use them a lot. However, all this hipe for rice products is actually worth because they are so effective as moisturizer, anti-aging, and helps in whiting skin. Get yourself rice made products and these are going to elevate your skin. You need a rice moisturizer, rice essence and sunscreen, these are essential. Further, check this article, in which I have shared “Why Korean Men’s Have Great Skin?

Rice Execrate Mask.

It is a home remedy that Korean People used to create home made essence from rice. Before cooking rice, first wash rice for once, then add some water in rice and left it for 13-15 mins and extract water from it, add some more water and left rice for cooking. Now, what water you have extracted previously from rice, dip cotton sheets in that extracted water appropriately and apply cotton sheets one by one on your entire face and relax for 20-25 mins. You have created a rice water essence and applied on your face while you have also cooked rice for your stomach. At the end, your face and your stomach both have satisfied.

If you are doing this home remedy for a month, then you can start seeing results such as whiting skin, tight & smooth skin, younger, and healthy skin.


Sunscreen is the most crucial part of Korean’s life. They hate to go under sun without applying sunscreen, and that can be a reason they have young, tight, healthy and whiting skin. Sun UV rays have a lot of disadvantages for our skin. Being under sun after 10 AM for long time can cause losing skin, skin cancer, skin color disorder, tanning, irritating rashes and redness. Meanwhile, have a sunscreen and use it a lot. It can save your skin in long term and enhance it to another level.

Enough Sleep & Drink Water.

These 2 things are precautions you need to take if you want to improve your skin. Sleep early and wake up early, then do some exercise. This routine can increase the speed of improving your skin a lot. You can start seeing changes in your skin within a month, and if you stay consistent, then maybe you can achieve your skin goals within 4-6 months. However, if you want consistent glowing and clear skin, then you need to make these things your daily routine so that you didn’t lose the glow which you will achieve.

Next, we have drinking water, and I know all over the internet community in every health care article. You can find a highlighted point which denotes to drink more water. Until now you can imagine how much crucial it is for everyone to drink more water. However, there is how I develop the habit of drinking more water.

It’s easy, you just need to carry your water bottle with you. If you are like me, who used to sit at one place and do work from home, then you can fill a 2 liter water bottle and have it beside you, and drink little by little through entire day while working. Having your water bottle beside you can help you a lot in drinking more water as it is beside and you didn’t need to do any efforts.

Exfoliate & Moisturize.

You need to exfoliate your face to clean it and remove the dead skin cells which help new skin cells to regenerate even more properly. There are many exfoliate scrub available which have fruits, pulp, seeds, or small piece of rice them, but you need to avoid these, find something more generous and not too rough. You can also create this by yourself by following this article home remedies to create face scrub.

After exfoliating you need moisturizer, and here you can follow the tips and get yourself a rice moisturizer for everyday purpose. Above things are plentiful for making your skin glowing, but you will need a few more learning and information to create a properly skincare routine for yourself. So, if you are serious to improve your skin then read this article.