How to get clear skin for men

Men’s desire to look good has been ingrained in the very foundation of society for thousands of years. It all dates back to the first skincare products produced from olive and sesame oils and combined with exquisite fragrant flowers. The results contained aromatic and anti-ageing properties that enticed the production of many other products over the years to get clear skin for men. Currently, the men’s skincare industry alone, excluding the women’s variety, is a booming sector with a vast net worth of a staggering $120 billion and is deemed to continue growing more prominent with the introduction of new and better-performing products every day.

The struggle of getting is a continuous phenomenon that doesn’t end after puberty and adolescence, as many would have thought, and whose eras are well-known for various skin blemishes. Even as adults, men struggle with post-shave irritation and dark spots together with pimples among others, that threaten to re-emerge after every treatment procedure and create skin problems. This, therefore, calls for the realization that a healthy skincare routine is just as much of a concern for all men as it is for women today.

Concerning skincare, men have always been deemed to keep things simple in the past, but currently, more men are now chasing healthier and younger-looking skin. This makes it the best time to evaluate the skincare routines and learn more about how to get clear skin for men all over the globe. As much as there may be significant differences between men and women’s skin, the recommended essential elements of an efficient and effective skincare routine are similar for both genders.

The leading cause of Men’s skin problems

If you’ve always been interested in flawless skin, then you should know that the process requires more of a scientific approach t help you understand how it operates. Like every other part of your body, the skin also ages and this brings about changes and however much you may have young and healthy skin, it will always be affected by these changes. However, you too can have men’s clear skin no matter your age or skin condition and all it takes is a first approach to identifying and evaluating your blemishes and taking the appropriate and recommended procedure to adjust the primary cause.

There are hundreds of skincare complaints by a variety of many men and what most of these individuals fail to realize is that dehydration is one of the major catalysts for such issues. The skin is a living organism, which means that it breathes and excretes and thus needs to be nourished just like any other major organ of your body. Therefore, being hydrated is vital for the skin to function correctly and recover its lost nutrients that may be the cause of the many blemishes on it.

The water is essential for flushing out toxins through excreting processes such as sweating and thus promoting its restoration of good health for men’s clear skin.
The following are some tips on how to get clear skin for men:

Check on your diet

men skincare diet

Evaluate your dietary routine and check whether there may be foods present that are promoting the blemishes on your skin, such as acne and pimples. For healthy skin, you should always be sure to eat a balanced diet that mainly consists of whole foods as well as healthy fats. Also, always be sure never to forget fresh fruits and vegetables as an inclusive into your diet in large amounts.

  • Consuming more antioxidants can not only significantly boost the immune system, but also help protect the skin from blemishes by supplying nourishing effects for it to get clear skin for men. Antioxidants may be contained in various fruits such as those rich in vitamin C like oranges and other berries. Others include green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale and also green tea.
  • Cut down on your dairy intake because there have been studies made that link it to the prevalence of various types of acne and other forms of blemishes.
  • While you are also advised to reduce n your sugar intake, you should also cut back on alcohol consumption because it is made up of sugars that cause inflammation.
  • Fatty acids in foods such as avocados, nuts, dark chocolate, and coconut oil also contribute to glowing skin.
  • Reduce your intake of red meat as large amounts can sabotage your skin, especially if it’s not cooked correctly. Instead, load up on fish eggs and legumes to maintain the high protein intake together with men’s clear skin.
  • You can always take men’s multivitamin daily to substitute some of the essential nutrients that you may be missing from your diet.

Avoid touching or picking your face

Every day, you are subjected to millions of germs and bacteria and many a time, you may not have immediate access to hand sanitizer or a sink in which you can wash your hands. Those hands are technically the largest carrier of bacteria every day as it touches many surfaces and people who may have initially contained the germs and thus risk transferring them onto your skin where it can cause problems.

It is advised that you avoid touching your face altogether and more importantly, prevent yourself from disrupting pimples. Picking these pimples may cause acne or scares to form on the skin which could ultimately be permanent thus, preventing men’s clear skin.

Stick to a specific skincare routine

To get clear skin for men, you should avoid alternating between different skincare routines. Many men do this thinking that a daily skincare routine takes a significant amount of time as well as the effort, which is technically an overpriced myth. Your skincare routine doesn’t have to be complicated as all you need are the care basics that take less time and are designed to promote men’s clear skin with as little effort as possible. Achieving clear skin has never been simpler so long as you stick to one skincare routine that will leave you smooth and glowing.

Be sure to exfoliate your skin regularly

Exfoliation is the process that involves removing dead skin cells pre-existing on the upper layers of the skin; thus, revealing the healthy skin underneath. Apart from being a vital step to achieving men’s clear skin, exfoliation also helps hair follicles from getting ingrown which can be a significant issue to deal with is left unattended. If the dead cells are left to accumulate on the skin, the pores would get clogged and thus, cause blemishes and various types of acne.

While there is a common myth that states that using a scrub for your face is a woman’s routine, it is necessary to understand that to get clear skin for men; they must also adapt to it. It is, therefore, recommended that you exfoliate your face and body once every week to maintain smooth and healthy skin. Keep in mind that:

  • Over-exfoliating can make your skin irritated and red hence causing other health issues. You should, therefore, limit it to a maximum of three times a week.
  • If you prefer the chemical process of exfoliation, be sure to use the suitable creams designed for your specific type of skin to avoid any allergic reactions or side effects.


This is one of the most simple but essential steps to a perfect skincare routine that people forget to be keen on to get clear skin for men. Washing your face may be a recommended step to achieving men’s clear skin, but it isn’t enough because while it removes dirt that clogs the pores, it also strips the skin of its essential oils. This can ultimately lead to dryness if you forget to moisturize.

For men who are keen on shaving, you should be aware that it not only removes oils from the skin but also cuts off some layer of it that is needed. When it comes to moisturizing your face, regular body lotions won’t do the trick as they contain too many oils that can clog your pores again. It would help if you looked for a generic moisturizer specifically designed for your face to maintain clear and healthy skin.


You might think that this is just a piece of optional advice for healthy skin and that it doesn’t have much effect on men’s clear skin, but there’s where you go wrong. Exercising is an essential element that contributes to getting clear skin for men on a vibrant and smooth scale. When you exercise, the blood flow tends to increase and this helps nourish the skin cells and remove excess waste products from them. This leaves your skin fresh and clear of all debris.

Get enough shuteye

The late nights spent out tend to do a number on your skin without realizing it. To maintain clear men’s skin, you need to focus on getting enough sleep as, during this time, your skin regenerates and repairs itself thus heals from any blemish or damages done on its tissues. Lack of enough sleep disrupts the healing process and, therefore, doesn’t help you get the skin you so desire.

Control your stress

As much you may be following a legitimate and valid skincare routine to get clear skin for men, when you’re stressed out, the blemishes such as acne flare-up. Your mental state is capable of affecting your physical health on a large scale. Try learning how to combat stress and relax in a healthy way to maintain clear men’s skin at all times.


To get clear skin, you don’t have to copy the skincare routine of someone you adore as every man’s skin is different. Find the perfect routine that works for you to get clear men’s skin through your simple efforts and look vibrant at all times. Who said skincare is only for women?