How To Get Perfect Skin Like Celebrities | 7 Die-Hard Rules

Having perfect skin like celebrities or fashion icons is gamechanger. People notice your face first when they see you, and If you have clear, excellent, subtle skin, then you can attract anyone you want, and It also boost your confidence, but for an ordinary guy, its a conjecture. However, In this era, so many things those were impossible becomes the possible cause of the internet and nailing perfect, glowing, clear and smooth skin like celebrities or fashion icons is also feasible beside It will require minor work and time from you. 

Get Perfect Skin Like Celebrities,

Brief Introduction of what you will learn in this article,

This article has created as the second part of skin perfection series. There are lots of information you need to nail it so, that’s why we divided it into 2 Parts, and This all information will not feel like overwhelmed for you. There is a first part (Getting Clear for Men), and there is a second part this one, that is about unknow things and necessary things to elevate your skin game. These both articles are as course for getting pinnacle of your skin. 

Let’s begin with our article.

Retinol Cream.

Retinol cream is so beneficial for improving your facial skin and reducing acne as It has vitamin-A in it. It helps in generating new skin cells on your face, and It ditches those dead cells. Meanwhile, it also makes your skin lean and better. Everyone at the age of 25 or above should use it, and between 20-25, only use twice in a week, and individuals below 20, do not need it. If you use retinol appropriately, It can improve your skin a lot, and It can be the game-changer for your skin.

A Guide to using retinol.

If you have sensitive skin, apply moisturizer first & wait 30 mins, then You should use it (little-bit), with your hands, apply on your face gently, but If you do not have sensitive skin, apply it on dry skin and use a moisturizer after it and all the other process is same. Always use retinol at night before sleep, and In the morning, wash your face and apply suncream. Suncream is necessary to use every day. 


Vitamin-C is crucial for better health, skin and much more. It can change your overall appearance and improve your health a lot, but there are lots of things we are doing wrong in the consumption of Vitamin-C, and we have to make it right to get most out of it, and one of them is taking a high dose of Vitamin-C at one time. 

We take a high dose of Vitamin-C at one time by tablets and other things available in the market, but taking a high dose of Vitamin-C at one time can’t help you with anything. It just got out with urine so, you have to intake small doses of Vitamin-C throw your whole day, and You can do it by eating citrus fruits, and vegetables which have Vitamin-C.

Eye Cream

Eye cream is crucial as your skin around the eyes is thinner than the skin on your face. Eye cream reduces puffiness of eyes, fix dark circles around eyes and make your eyes look and appeal healthier.

David Beckham, a famous footballer & fashion enthusiast, once said that eye cream is one of the necessary things to use in a skincare routine. However, most of the individuals neglect this in their skincare routine. Meanwhile, For elevating your appearance, consider using eye cream regularly.


Hydrating your skin is necessary, and It does not include water only, but also moisturizers and citrus fruits. Dehydration can become a cause of rashes, dull skin, dark circles, redness, dead cells, slow the process of generating new cells, clogged pores and many more, so, for saving you from these effects and disadvantages. You have to hydrate your skin and your body.

However, For Hydrating your overall skin & body, You must follow the below steps.

  • Have a water bottle with you every time. It can drastically improve your hydration, having a water bottle with you everywhere you go is necessary.
  • If you are hungry drink water, as sometimes thirst confuse with hunger.
  • Eat citrus fruits throw your whole day. Citrus Fruits have lots of juice into them that will help in hydrating your body and also provide your body with Vitamin-C.
  • When you hydrate your skin, you have to hold that water into your skin, and for that, you can use a moisturizer.


Steam is so beneficial for your facial skin and overall body. It can help in opening pores of your skin, and getting out those toxic substances, bacterias, or dirt from deep into your facial skin and leads to glowing, young, healthy-looking face. It improves blood circulation and increases the delivery of oxygen that makes your face look subtly glow and shine. It also helps in preventing acne & pimple as it cleans your skin, and reduce puffiness on your face.

There is a bright side. You can get all of these benefits at comfort of your home by minor efforts, and for nailing it, You have to boil water, and the steam comes from that boil water put your face in front of it and enjoy your home steaming, but make sure that you didn’t burn yourself.


Sunscreen is necessary for anyone because there are three types of UV rays are present, UVA, UVB, UVC and UVC is filter by ozone layer that why you didn’t hear about it more, and we have left with UVA & UVB. UVB cause effects on our upper layer of skin and cause sunburn, redness, sun spots & hyperpigmentation, and UVA reaches deeper into our skin and causes damaging DNA, premature ageing, wrinkles, and skin cancer. However, that why sunscreen is essential for everyone because It does not only save your skin from appearing dull & Ugly, but also from diseases, skin cancer, ageing and much more intensive things.

There are necessary pieces of information about sunscreen.

You can see SPF on sunscreen when you buy those, and the meaning of it is how much time for that sunscreen can protect you from UVB rays of the sun for instance If you bought SPF 15, then as a speculator, it can save you for 150 mins, but it varies on your skin type, and SPF only helps you with UVB rays, not from UVA.

However, you can see P++ on sunscreens, and the lower is P+ to P++++, and It is what saves you from UVA rays, but In America & Europe countries you can’t find these sunscreens with P++, but You can see Broadspectrum on sunscreen, and It means that It protects you from UVB & UVA rays both.

Find Products Assessing Your Skin Type.

You have to use products according to your skin such as for oily skin there are other products specific on it, and for dry skin, there are other products specific on it. For nailing product with your skin type, First, you have to know, “what skin type you have,” and It is a vast topic so, for that You can watch this video (2 Simple Ways To Find your Skin type) by Beauty Within. 

Furthermore, You have to search for products according to your skin type on the internet for instance If you have oily skin, search “best skincare products for oily skin” in youtube then you can feasibly find lot’s of video on it.