Worst To Best Habits For Better Oral Health(10 Oral Problem)

Our overall mouth health is what decides our body health, and It’s also deciding how hygienic & better you will appeal because if you wear $1000 outfit but your teeth are yellow & your breath is faulty then no one will ever want to talk with you. However, Sometimes individuals didn’t notice, but they had some bad habits related to their oral health that can be a reason for yellow teeth, bad breath, bleeding gums, cavity, and many more. 

Meanwhile, there is a bright side, in this article, I am going to tell you about 6 Worst habits (to leave as soon as possible) & 3 Best Habits to cure most of the problems related to your oral health such as better & white teeth, refreshing breath, firm gums, clean tongue and more.

There are worst to best habits for better oral health.

Habits For Better Oral Health,

Bad Habits:

Don’t brush after the meal.

Brushing your teeth after the meal can make your teeth weaker, and usually, people replicate this mistake after dinner. Meanwhile, what happens in this state is when you eat something acidic food or fruit, It makes enamel above teeth weak, and in this state, if you brush your teeth, Your teeth becomes weaker. However, in conclusion, you have to wait for 40-50 mins until your saliva does it works, then after waiting, You can consider brushing your teeth.

Brushing In the Wrong Manner.

It is a mistake that I had did before I started my research for this article and when I acknowledge that brushing in the right manner is so much crucial for appropriately cleaning our teeth, better gums and for overall oral health. I had instantly ditched that habit and started doing it appropriately, However, after a week, I am feeling amazing, and my teeth look much cleaner than before. If you are brushing your teeth in the verticle or horizontal way, then you are also replicating this habit, and the right way is “circularly brushing your teeth.” 

For instance, When you are brushing your teeth, brush it in a circular motion instead of vertical or horizontal, and For a clear understanding, you can watch this video.

Replace Your Brush within 3 Months.

Replacing your toothbrush within 3 Months is so much crucial and can safe you from lots of future problems with bacteria & bad breath. When you didn’t replace your toothbrush within a given time, It’s bristles become frayed and less efficient to remove plaque or little food particles from our teeth that can be a reason for bad breath and poor oral health. However, When your toothbrush gets too old, then many bacterias already got deposited on it, and using that toothbrush again can become useless & harmful for teeth. In conscious, replace your brush within 3 Months.

Not Cleaning Your Tongue.

If you are not cleaning your tongue then in the long run, it can destroy your oral health, not cleaning tongue habit has so many disadvantages. It can be a reason to lose your teeth in the long run, and It also makes your gums weaker. Not cleaning your tongue cause lack of sense of taste and over bacteria in your mouth that are responsible for bad breath. However, By cleaning your tongue, You can save yourself from these things, and You can improve your a sense of taste, gums health, reduce bad breath, and teeth health in the long run.

Using Bad Toothpaste.

Right toothpaste is crucial for overall oral health as we use it to clean our teeth and overall month, but nowadays, It’s pretty hard to find a good toothpaste which does not harm our teeth but clean them. You can find so many popular brands Toothpaste those are useless and cause harm to our teeth so, consider didn’t waste your money and efforts on them. 

However, there are few kinds of toothpaste available in the market those are not harmful to our teeth and also do their job pretty well. These kinds of toothpaste are on the natural side, and You feel herbs in them when you are brushing with them. There is a best natural toothpaste “Hello naturally whiting” for everyone, It is the best international toothpaste at $4, but for Indians market “Red Dabur” is best as it is feasibly available on Indian stores.

Tooth Picking.

Tooth picking is one of the worst bad habits to have. It has many disadvantages, and It is a waste of efforts. I saw many individuals doing it, and some of them is doing it for appealing muscling, but doing tooth picking cause a gap in between teeth. It is also harmful to gums as it leads to gum bleeding, weak gums and weak teeth roots. Tooth picking damages enamel above teeth. Meanwhile, If you didn’t have this habit, then you have saved yourself, but If you did, then try to ditch this habit as soon as possible.

Good Habits.

Wash Your Mouth After Eating.

When we eat food, some food particles left behind in between our teeth or under gums and sometimes when we eat acidic food that acidic food makes our teeth enamel weak. However, by pulling water into our mouth and shiting it into every possible direction or in the corners of our mouth for 30-40sec, Can clean our mouth properly, and reduce the effect of acidic foods. Do this, after eating, and in the long term, you will get rid of bad breath, weak teeth, and ugly food particles in between teeth that looks annoying.

Chew Healthy Things.

As we do physical exercises for making strong muscles and for being healthy with our body, identical as that, It is also necessary to do physical activity for our teeth so that we can make them frim as well. There are not so many exercises to perform to nail better teeth. You only have to do 1 Exercise that is chewing. You have to chew a lot, but You have to chew healthy things such as raw fruits(Apple, Sugarcane or fruit those require efforts in chewing), vegetables,(radish, carrot, cucumbers and onions).

Brushing Teeth With Traditional.

The traditional way of brushing teeth that people used in 19 century or before was brushing teeth with tooth powder and rubbing it in the overall mouth and on teeth by finger. Tooth powder is astounding & efficient if you choose the right one and by applying it with fingers has so many benefits of its own. I suggest doing this at night instead of brushing in the usual manner, use tooth powder and your fingers, rub tooth powder on your teeth & gums by your fingers. This process is not only going to clean your teeth but also provide your teeth & gums with the massage that can boost your digestive system.