8 critical Habits That Are Making You Poor

There are a lot of individuals who earn an average amount or even more money, but they still didn’t have extra cash at the end of their month, or It becomes hard for them to have as much money as they calculate at the end. Meanwhile, If you are from these, then probably you have adopted habits that are making you poor guy, and Unconsionly you are wasting your money. However, many people around us have these problems related to money. It becomes hard for them to get out of their poverty and become rich by their bank balance. Seamlessly, In this article, I am going to share habits that are making you broke financially, and these habits have highly avoided by wealthy people. 

8 Habits That Are Making You Poor financially

Habits That Are Making you poor,
Critical Habits That Are Making You Poor

Single Income Stream.

Many people have a habit of sticking with their only work and not exploring the outer space for more stream of money. In this era, It is common to have at least 2-3 income streams from where you earn more money, for instance, if you are a full-time coder then you can build a course on coding to teach others and upload that on course sites and make passive income from it. You can also start your youtube channel on coding and earn money through ads & paid promotions. However, It doesn’t matter what you do if you research & tries to find ways to create income streams for yourself then you can do it.

Meanwhile, You can start investing in stocks, It is an income stream that anyone can do, and You can start doing it from $10 only, and as you will learn more about it and gain your knowledge, you can start investing a large amount of money to get more in returns. Everyone should do & learn stock marketing.

Wasting Money On Materialistic Things

Most of the people have this devoted habit of spending money on material things that are not for any good. For instance, people want to buy the lastest expensive iPhones or iPads even they have a recent previous version of it that work as new. Most of the time, they buy things that they didn’t need and end up wasting their money. Some of them also purchase stuff to show off or that they find adorable or funny, but In reality, these are only useless or much cheaper & better options are available for these if they try to find uses of them.

However, You have to consider that the things you are buying should be going to become a value for your money, and not end up wasting your money without providing any returns or benefits.

Stop Learning.

If you want to become rich and better then learning new things and experiencing them is crucial, however, what poor people do is, “they think after school & collage your study & learning have completed, and You didn’t have to learn & study anymore. Meanwhile, for wealthy people and in reality, learning new things & learning the present world is never going to end, even, human life is going to end, but learning is not going to exhaust.

In conclusion, read a lot of books every day, learn about the current world, and Maybe you will find an opportunity or something that will be going to change your circumstances. Learn about useful topics such as finance, housing, banking, taxes, business, investing and probably in upcoming years you can become much weather then you are now. 

Wasting Money On the Subscriptions.

In this internet era, wasting our money becomes so feasible. Nowadays, you can get subscriptions of everything you can imagine, from NetFlix, Microsoft games & Apple arcade subscriptions, Disney Hotstar, Amazon prime and so many more you can’t even imagine. However, The problem is that people subscribe so many subscriptions and at the end, they didn’t know that they are getting credited by subscriptions, they didn’t check from weeks.

However, You have to consider about not taking lots of subscriptions and cancelling them on time. You also have to take care that if you are taking a subscription of Netflix and It’s for your entertainment purpose then didn’t take other subscriptions those offer the same purpose such as Disney Hotstar, amazon prime and others. Aftermost, Ask from yourself before taking any subscription that you did need it.


One most common habit that poor people have or that will make you broke is unproductiveness towards everything and not utilizing your time. When you didn’t earn lots of money, then you have your time to invest in things to make money, for instance, working 9-5 job and when you got free time than investing it on side hustles, small business, or something useful to create your livelihood.

However, It is opposite in big wealthy people their time so much crucial that for meeting with them we had to make appointments from days ago and have to pay a better amount of money that becomes worth for their time. Meanwhile, They spend a lot of money to get extra time so they’re so much productive with their time and they utilize every second of it.

Bank & Housing.

Can you saw poor people talking about banking & real estate housing and what its circumstances are now? Probably not, because If they know about it, then they would be wealthy or mediocre earning people, and they would have lots of less financial problems in their life. If you want to get more money, then You have to learn & explore these 2 Topic a lot, and You have to become up to date in these regularly. You have to understand most of the part of Banking, Tax and Housing in your country.

Acknowledging Assets.

It is a crucial paragraph. Assets are reliable purchases, that wealthy people make to make more money or get passive benefits from it. Assets are so much helpful for our lives, and they can save people who purchased them, from a lot of problems. For instance, Assets could be a house that you bought and You rent it, and it is paying you monthly, and as soon the rent will cover the house payment after that whatever you have is passive income coming every month at you until you didn’t sell that house or you stop renting it. It can also be a stock of a growing company and that you bought, and after 5-10 years that company grows massively and your money also going to increase massively.

If you make purchases that will be going to help you in your life massively and have tremendous returns then It an asset. Aftermost, Buy assets with your money rather than wasting it on useless things.