How Good Looking You Are? | Best 7 Step Test To Find Out

I have gathered a lot of information from few research articles and YouTube videos. Based on these informations I have created a test for you individuals. Which is going to help you individuals to find out how good looking you are or you are an average guy. Attractiveness & beauty is differ from person to person. Someone who is beautiful to you might not be as beautiful to others.

However, there are some common things which most of the attractive individuals have in their personality which makes them good looking. General evolutionary physiology researches these things in 2016 and they found the ideal attractive men & woman’s type and during a survey, mostly peoples have agreed with these types.

We are going to use things from this research for our test. So, there are instructions. Take a notebook and a pen. As we proceed in our article, I am going to tell you about some things & traits and I will tell you points for those things or traits. If you have these things or traits in yourself, then whatever points I assign to them (I will tell how many points you can note for each thing.) You need to note it down, and at end add those points to know about where you fall on the scale of 0 to 15.

So, let’s begin our article…

Test To Find “How good looking you are?“

How Good Looking You Are

Confident Person.

Confident people easily standout and look a lot better than people who are not confident. If you are confident in yourself. You believe in yourself. You are true to yourself about the stuffs you do or you have in your mind. If you are happy with who & how you are now, then you can give your 1 point. Confident people look more attractive and this happens because of their in them positivity, open mind thoughts and how they behave. They don’t get teased by others talk and what others think about them..

Confident With Looks.

If you are confident with your looks, such as how you look in the mirror. How your appearance is, or how your face looks, then you can give yourself 1 point. The thing is that if you are confident with your looks, then other might be too, because as humans we see our face and ourself a lot compare to others and we cannot see our complete appearance properly.

Which means mostly we think we are less attractive than reality, which makes us less confident or picky regarding our looks. That’s why if you are confident with your looks and how your face looks in the mirror, then others are also confident in your looks.

Social Allure.

If you are good-looking guy, then social allure are must have happened with you. Social allures are behavioural or social things which happen between you and others. For example, unexpected eye contact or more.

Below I have mentioned 7 social allures which are:

  1. Eye Contact.
  2. People attract towards you.
  3. Your Friends are attractive.
  4. You have an attractive voice.
  5. Social Dis-comfort for others when they engage with you.
  6. You are stylish, talented, or Popular.
  7. Better Posture.

If any of 3 or more things usually happen with you, then you can give yourself 2 points. These are the things which usually happen with attractive people when they are around other people.

Physical characteristics.

These are characteristics of your body, how your body appears. There are few things which make our body to appeal more attractive than usual individuals, and few individual look attractive because of this reason.

Those characteristics are:

  1. Muscular chest.
  2. Broad Shoulders.
  3. Attractive hairstyle (not childish).
  4. Better Smile.

The good thing about physical characteristics is that most of them, you can get by doing your effort and you don’t have to naturally born with it. When I have mentioned the hairstyle, you need to choose a hairstyle according to your face shape and don’t go for too much edgy or vibrant hairstyle. Aftermost, you can get a better smile by following this article on wikiHow.

Attractive Passion.

People who are not that attractive or good looking sometimes exceed attractive individuals because of their Passion, goals, and talents. Becoming attractive is not about having the most attractive appearance only. There are a lot of things which you can build and become attractive, even if you are an average individual.

For looking attractive, you can use these things to improve your attractiveness even if you are an average guy, (which of most of us actually are). So, if you have any goals which you are working to make possible, then you can give yourself 2 points, because individuals who have goals and work on it are more attractive than who don’t. Now, if you have some creative, art, sports or musical hobbies or talent and you are great at it, then you can give yourself 1 more point.

Total Proportionality.

Aftermost, we have body type. There are few body types which are attractive. Trapezoid has considered as most attractive body type in male. In which you have lean waist, board shoulders and muscular chest. As from above, you have known that these traits are attractive and In trapezoid body shape, man has all the three traits. However, Rectangle and Triangle are second most attractive body shapes. Now, if you have trapezoid body shape, give yourself 2 points and if you have rectangle or triangle, give yourself 1 point.

Now, there are other things in our body proportionality which are how tall you are and if you have longer legs or not. If you are 5.9 or above, then you can consider yourself as tall, and if you are tall, then give yourself 1 more point. Lastly, if you have longer legs and shorter upper body, then give yourself 1 more point.

We have completed our test. Now, you just have to add all the points you got and if you have 6 or fewer points, then you are below average (but as you know from this article that most of the things are effort oriented means you can change them and become attractive even if you are not by doing efforts).

If your points fall between the range 7 to 9, then you are average (but you can increase them). Aftermost if your points fall in a range of 10 to 13, then you are attractive. Lastly, if your points are above 13, then you are from most attractive individuals. We have used the scale of 0 to 15 points for this test.