How To Become More Creative | 8 Rules To Unlock It

What spreads these entrepreneurs & successful people from us? What makes the difference that so many of them are absolute dum in their childhood they did ridiculous things, and If you ask the reasons behind them, You only had a question in your mind that children this world is so much different from what you think. Meanwhile, It is creativity, and Everyone of us has it in our childhood. However, as we grew many of us stops it, so our mind becomes weaker in it, and there are few things or characters that we adopt that effects so terribly on it and reduce it, that we think we are not creative.

Furthermore, I am going to tell you about a few things in this article those are going to increase your creativity and overall mental health.

There are eight things you can do to become more creative.

become More Creative,

Read More.

Reading is so much beneficial for improving our creativity. In this era so, many people watch things in videos such as movies, cartoon, comedy videos and more. However, these things effect on devoting creativity. On the other hand, When we read our brain tries to imagine the picture of text what we are reading. Such as if you read somewhere, that uncle joe dog is missing, then as you read the text uncle joe, If there is anyone you know by this name his picture come into your mind, but if you don’t, then any most suitable photo will going to come up in your mind. 

Seamlessly, the same thing will be going to happen with everything we are going to read because our brain access information in images, and that is what going to boost our creativity by reading more text.

Become Artist.

You have to become an artist in your work. You have to feel like an artist in whatever thing you are doing, and in this way, you can see a different perspective from others. However, It is not necessary that if you want to feel like an artist, you should also do the thing that artists do such as music, painting, writing or more. You can do anything you are doing and still sense like an artist. For instance, Einstein is an artist in physics, Ronaldo & Messi are an artist in football, Mike Tyson is an artist in boxing, and they are lots of other people like them. 

Try to think.

You have to learn to think creatively, and You can do it by following the rule. The rule is trying to imagine in every possible outcome, for instance, You have a friend, named Jhon, and from past weeks, you had a girl member in your group, and he is behaving like a bad boy and yesterday, he hits a hard punch on your face. So what do you think why he did it, now, a simple non-intelligent person will imagine that he did it because he is a bad boy and Now, You should hit him back. 

Meanwhile, an ordinary intelligent person will think that because of girl member he is trying to become a bad boy and You have to do that as well. Aftermost, The extra intelligent person imagines that because of this girl John started to behave weird and maybe he has some problems, and I am as his best friend is not understanding that because of something so, I have to talk with him. However, If he did it without any purpose, then I can give the reaction back to him. 

Furthermore, You are trying to become creative here so, you are not any of them, but You have to think from all of the perspectives by not being most intelligent but creative. Notice everything from all possible outcomes.

Stop Watching Entertainment.

In this era, Watching videos is the most causing reason for reducing creative because it makes our brain to not imagine anything by presenting everything in front of our eyes. However, It is devoting our creativity by doing the opposite thing that reading books do, As reading books are reading text that forces our mind to think or imagine a picture related to that text. On the other side, watching videos are lazy work for our brain, and In this, we got every content in front of our eyes, and we didn’t have to force our brain to imagine anything. 

In conclusion, You have to reduce watching entertainment videos as much as possible.

Spend Time Alone.

If you start spending time alone, then You can learn more about yourself and how you behave, what your mind thinks and why, and If you find on what things your mind is spending its more time then you can change those things. Meanwhile, You can optimize your brain to imagine the right and better things that will be going to increase your creativity. Furthermore, Spending time alone is crucial and also talking with yourself, such as deciding your problem with your brain to find out its solutions or talking causal things from your day is going to help in boosting creativity.

Stop Thinking Bad.

There are still some people available in this world those think terrible about others, and If you are from those people then this paragraph is for, but If you are not, then you can skip this. Thinking terrible or bad-mouthing about others is didn’t going to take you somewhere, it is not going to benefit you, even you are wasting your time because You can spend those efforts on yourself, and You can improve yourself to further. 

Seamlessly, Thinking to drag down others is proof that you are standing still because you are wasting you all efforts in troubling others instead of boost yourself ahead in your life. However, It is what destroys your creativity because you are using it to get ideas those didn’t worth a penny. If you are from these people, then consider changing yourself because life is to short for thinking wrong about others, instead start thinking good about yourself and enjoy it.

Play physical games.

Playing physical games are so much beneficial for your overall mental health and for improving your creativity. It can increase the size of your brain. It also makes your mind feel free from lots of mental problems like stress, overthinking, tiredness, laziness, and more, However, better mental health leads to tremendous creativity, energy, enjoyment and relief. If you can start doing moderate exercises daily such as 15 mins running, 15 mins skipping, and few bodyweight workouts by yourself then You are good to go, and even you didn’t need any gym. 

Furthermore, instead of workout, you can play football, basketball, cricket, badminton or any other sport that require lots of movement, If you want and still you can nail it.

 Writing More.

Can you write things, I write blog posts to stories in my half of each day, and It helps enormously building my creativity, and when you write without knowing on what edge you have to stop, It becomes hard to pause yourself. Writing things is necessary to improve your creativity and for utilizing its benefits. You can start writing your diary every night, and You can write about anything you want from daily stuff too secret things. 

You can also write letters to your beloved ones. It is an old way nowadays, but it’s hard to imagine the joy on their faces when they will get a letter from a postman that you have written for them especially and didn’t send a feeling less email or text message. If you want, you can also write stories by imagining wired things and preserve them into your notebooks.