How To Become More Smart | 6 Proven Things

Intelligence is a thing if you ask from anyone that, Can they want it? The answer would be, yes. However, we have mentioned 6 things to become more smart. Make them as secret as possible. These things have proven and effective to improve intelligence because these helps brain to put in work. Meanwhile, As we exercise our body to increase its strength, these things are for exercising your brain so that your brain intelligence increase.

There are 6 Things to become more smart.

Become More Smart,

Learn Difficult Things.

Learning things is the best practice to improve your intelligence, and when you are learning difficult things from scratch, it becomes so effective. This practice will going to elevate your intelligence and will make you so smart. However, by learning new things consistently, you will going to become knowledgeable and talented too. If you are confuse from what things you will start, then try to write on a page that what you want to learn, chose that thing. If it still confuses you, then there 4 things those are highly effective to improve intelligence, Coding, Math’s, Learning New Language, and Musical Instruments. You can give a shot to any of one you like the most or learn all one by one.


Meditation is amazing. It has tremendous benefits and If I try to cover them, then this article will going to become so long. Meanwhile, Meditation will allow you to use your both hemisphere of brain more effectively. It helps in reducing stress & anger and If you will do it consistently for a month properly, then It can help you control your emotions too.

Aftermost, Your control on your brain is going to increase and Your ability to think to come with solutions and details is going to increase. Practicing it, Can also make you feel that your brain is becoming more free, creative and logical. You can improve your memory and focus too, and your ability to recall things will going to become better. Aftermost, you will going to become so much productive towards your important work. Here is a video to do meditation properly.

Read Every day.

Reading is also an astounding practice to improve your intelligence. Reading is automatically going to make you more knowledgeable. You will also become more smart as you are reading something and learning something new that can improve your life. However, read more about complex topics and things those will improve your skills or daily life. Reading helps in exercising your brain. Meanwhile, for getting reading all benefits, build a habit of reading at least 30 or more pages every day.


Research finds that people who do physical exercises their brains are more improved and Increase in size. Exercises help a lot in making your brain feel better, free, confident, energetic and willing. However, you didn’t need to do any hard exercises, only do 30-40 mins workout or yoga every day and it’s enough. Your physical health and mental health will going to improve, which will automatically help you in becoming more smart. There are some yoga videos that you can follow.

Eat Smart.

We all knew that whatever we eat shows up on our body. However, In improving health of our brain, our diet plays an important role. If you are eating unhealthy food and stays dehydrated for a long time, then your brain will also work in that way. Your brain will feel tired, stressful and heavy. Meanwhile, this condition will make you frustrating, irritating, and unhealthy also from a physical perspective in a long run. In conclusion, If you are eating healthy things and carry a water bottle with you so that you stay hydrated, then your brain will work more efficiently. You can become able to use your brain more effectively and for a longer period easily.

Brain Games.

Playing brain games can boost all process to another level. If you are playing brain games such as Chess, Soduko, Go, and Scrabble then you can become more smart easily. These board games actually make you think and sometimes creatively, which enhance your intelligence. However, putting pressure on your brain in the right way helps you to become more smart and these brains games are perfect for making it happen.