How to Correct Your Teeth Posture | 4 Steps Better Faceshape

Before you upgrade your style, there something you need to take care of which is your face. We all are aware that our face is an enormous factor in our appearance and most of us look ugly even if we are not. However, now we fix this by maintaining a right teeth posture. Yes, Most of us are not aware of it until you or your family member relate to a dentist, and as we grew up they notice about it.

Meanwhile, because of lack of knowledge about how our teeth posture should be, most of the individuals end up ruining their teeth postures and it’s easy to do that without noticing. After most, it makes their face look unattractive, unaligned, and sloppy.

Now, Let’s Talk about how we can solve it and make your face look more defined & structured.

There are 4 Steps to Correct Your Teeth Posture.

Correct Your Teeth Posture

Wrong Habits.

I thought it would be better if I start from the causes. These causes are which cause wrong teeth posture and by eliminating these you can prevent your teeth condition from being serious and if it’s already see a dentist.

Thumb or Finger Sucking.

Thumb or finger sucking can have so many disadvantages regarding ugly looking face and really unaligned teeth posture or structure. Although individual who read my blog are most adults, but If someone is young or has this habit from childhood, then consider leaving it.

Wrong Posture Tongue.

Most of Individuals have wrong tongue posture and in the long term it can affect filthy on your structure. You can see mis-align jawline sloppy jawline, and it also makes your head lean backwards, unhealthy body posture, neck pain and jaw pain. However, correct tongue posture can become opposite beneficial to all its causes. The correct way of resting your tongue is on the upper plate. Rest your tongue on your mouth’s upper plate. Keep practice and it will become easier over-time.

Mouth Breathing

Individuals who do mouth breathing suffer from bad breath, overbite, snoring, narrow mouth, a long narrow face, gummy smile, poor posture, inability to concentrate, and sleep disorders. Meanwhile, you can save yourself from these problems and also make yourself look much better by practicing noise breathing, which has opposite benefits.

Right Posture.

Right posture of teeth got maintain in our child as our molar teeth grew and these teeth handle our jawline alignment, better face shape, and overall how our face & jawline would appeal both visually & practically. Right Alignment between our upper molar teeth and lower molar teeth from left & right in both direction create a correct posture for teeth and you knew the correct position for tongue already from above context.

Meanwhile, you need to make sure that your upper back molar teeth are right above to your below back molar teeth and with a brief gap between them if possible. However, if you are comfortable in this position then maybe you already a right posture. But, if you are facing any issues like closing your mouth easily, your mouth automatically gets open from front then maybe you have an overbite or your front teeth are bending forward.

If it’s hard for you to breathe, then maybe you have mouth breathing problem. If you have any difficulty, then check about it by describing it into google or YouTube search bar. Because dentist use position to assess if patients have any problem with teeth alignments such as overbite, under bite, and crowded teeth problems.

However, Braces can fix these issues easily. Meanwhile, most individual will not have these problems and maintain right posture will protect their teeth from facing these unstructured or mis-align teeth & jaw problems.


Now, braces may look ugly when you think about them, or they can be painful, but let me clear that it’s totally worth. It can improve your appearance from ugly to attractive so, you if you have any teeth issues, then consider having braces.

It is the best thing you can do for yourself in that situation. However, in these times, when everybody has to wear a mask, the ugly look of braces shouldn’t be a problem, and if you are that much concern about it, then you can try different braces such as invisible, ceramic and more. Invisible braces can be a little less painful, but the pain in this process is totally worth and I have my traditional mental braces in my teeth.

However, Traditional braces are most affordable ones and that how I got them. Meanwhile, Ceramic fall in middle and Invisible braces are hell lot expensive, and diamond ones are above expensive consider wealthy category. I got myself traditional ones, and you know why. However, after 2-3 months, pain is going to decrease significantly, and you will get used to it and didn’t even feel you have braces until brushing time.


Aftermost, practicing & correcting your teeth posture repeatedly when you find is wrong will evolve a habit correct teeth posture. However, don’t put of stress on your teeth, do it slowly and judically as your teeth position and jaw bones should start shift patiently according to your teeth & tongue posture. This will make your face look much younger, structure, and attractive.