How to Get Anything You Want In Life | 3 Best Steps

Before we talk about the secrets of how to get anything you want in life. Let’s talk about things which prevent us from getting anything we want. We all have fear, and it can be any fear. These fears arrive from self doubts that we have on ourself. This is the reason we never change and we don’t take the action we require growing our status.

Smart people are great at finding things that can go wrong, so they don’t take action. Therefore, boldness of doing something or commitment of staying consistent with something is more important than intelligence. You need to ask or take action and stay consistent towards things you want. So, let get started with our article.

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How to Get Anything You Want In Life | 3 Best Steps 1 How to Get Anything You Want In Life | 3 Best Steps

Just Take A Shot.

The saying is you miss 100% shots if you don’t take them. We have so much information in our this era. You can find a lot and lots of information from articles, YouTube, Google, Podcast, Courses, institutions, and universities. Well, planning, flow charts and all those stuffs are important, but the thing is nothing is going to work, until you didn’t take action so take action as soon as possible and there are things which you will learn in the process and use those to move ahead.

The things you will learn while working, these are going to be so exactly what you need and by improving them and tweak them, you will move ahead in your process. As in the future, you can also work on improving efficiency of these things.


Most of the people think that boldness is something you are born with and you used it to tackle problems as workable. However, Boldness is not which people already have. This is a skill which we develop as we fail and learn about things, as we take actions and grow ourself into a better person.

So, boldness is important to take actions, so you need to develop this in your personality. As you will take more actions and face more failures, you will become better at it and you will feel no harm or fear while a taking action for next time.

The 10% Target.

The idea is very simple, the thing you want most in your life you need to make 10 attempts for them. Means if you think something is wrong with your goals or whatever, try it for 10 times and You face failure 10 times again and again despite you are considering about mistakes and improving them every single time and still you failed then you can think that There is nothing wrong with you, it the target or process. Because knowing quite is also an important thing.

For instance, there was an exceptional individual. His sales, operations and marketing skills were absolutely great.

But we were losing money because it was in the newspaper market and as it is sinking 25% every year. No matter his efforts, but he was losing every year no matter how many times he fixed all the things, nothing works. On other hand, there was an individual who was terrible at business stuff, but he started selling mask at start of pandemic and He made million dollar business in a year.

It is very important to consider about market and it is as important to take actions in order to make things happen.