How To Get Lean Body with Muscles | 4 Effective Steps.

Everybody wants lean body with muscles. However, most are just thinking about and some of actually take actions. Meanwhile, people are doing workout daily and have their diet, but what happens is their body looks bulky. Instead of muscular, so, they reduce the amount of food to eat and start doing some cardio so that they can reduce their body fat.

They become successful in reducing their body fat, but their muscles disappear as well. In this article, we are going to explore how you can get lean body with muscles. You will not lose any muscle, even you will look like you have gain more muscle as you will lose your body fat, your body will look more sharp. If you workout at home and don’t any trainer, then article is the best for you.

There 4 steps to get lean body with muscles.

Get lean body with muscles

Calculate your Calories.

If you want a lean body, then you need to calculate how many calories you are taking every day. Whatever food you are taking, if it’s packed food, then behind the package you can see how many calories it has. If you have bought open whole food, then you can search on google or use MyFitnessPal app where you can enter food name and its weight to get how many calories it has.

For a man, 2300 calories is at a maintained level and over 2300 is for people who want bulky fat body. Less than 2300 is when you are trying to cut body weight or fat. However, staying maintained level doing an extra cardio for losing fat will help you in retaining your muscles.

There is link of calory calculator so that you can find maintained calories specifically for your body :Calories Calculator. Recommend following maintain weight if you want to lose weight without losing muscles. If you want to lose weight, subtract 200 claries from your maintained calories and follow that.

Make Fitness Your Daily Habit.

When you have more muscles, you burn more calories, even when you are sitting around. Therefore, you need to exercise regularly, push weights. If you are working, stand away from your table for once or twice and do push-ups. It will be also better for your health. Hit your gym and do your workout even harder, or if you workout at home, then increase some reps.

This way, you will have more muscles and you will burn more calories. Meanwhile, as you will become lean, your muscles will have more clarity and they will look stronger because you are doing workout regularly.

Doing Cardio.

Cardio is going to help a lot when you want to get lean. It is like your weapon. Because of cardio if you mistakenly or if you are hunger and you have taken more calories, doing cardio can help you neglect these situations. Your body will not go to feel bad as even if you have taken more calories because you were feeling hunger cardio is going to balance it out.

However, don’t do intense cardio because it will make your body habitual to that and your body will burn even fewer calories for doing that amount of intense cardio next time. Just do cardio at maintenance level.

In your journey, a time will come when your weight will not reduce if you are taking the same amount of calories as before it is normal. So, in this case, you have 2 options, cut 150 calories more and cut it from carbohydrate or you can increase cardio to reduce 150 more calories. Don’t go below 1600 calories for men.

Quality Of Calories.

Because of the above concept of the quantity of calories, individuals focus more on the numbers of calories. However, you need to focus on which food you are eating to gain those calories. If it’s processed and unhealthy, food then those calories will create more unhealthy fat, less energy and hard to burn calories. Contrary, if you gain your calories from healthy food, which has fibre, fat, carbohydrate, protein and healthy vitamins. Your body will have more energy, healthy calories, and healthy fat (Which will reduce more fat gain and increase more muscle gain).