How To Get Rid Of Acne (4 Causes & 4 Solutions)

Acnes are so much annoying, and It destroys our confidence & beauty. There are so many individuals those are glamorous, handsome & attractive, but their beauty hides behind bad skin & acne. However, that is what leads to this article, we are going to deep dive in this topic, and we will explore everything regards to acne from causes to solutions and from solutions to getting rid of it. We are going to find out what solutions you will need according to your problem to get rid of acne.

First of all, let’s find what skin type you have:

Get rid of acne,

In finding appropriate solutions for you, you will need information that you have dry skin or oily or mixed of both(oily in T zone & dry on checks) or Dehydrated(oily on above but dry inside.) However, Dehydrated skin is caused by using alcohol contain products so, if you have that skin condition, ditch using alcohol products, and It will be going to cure.

For finding what skin type you have, “wash your face with any light cleanser that is not that hard on the skin” then wait for 30 mins without using anything on your face. After 30 mins, look in the mirror, If your skin feels oily, then It would be oily skin, If it feels dry, then it would be dry, or if it is hard to decide, whether it is oily or dry, then It would be mixed. But If your skin is oily from outside and feels irritating from inside like dry skin, then It might be in Dehydrated condition.

Now, You knew your skin type, let’s find out what are causes of acne and What is primarily your cause of acne.

There are causes & solutions to get rid of acne.


Some research shows stress cause acne, but most of them show that it doesn’t cause acne but In stress condition developing of already minor acnes can happen, and If you had a sign of acne and you are in stress, then that sign will become into acnes. Aftermost, If you think, In your life, you are facing stress conditions, then try to reduce it because maybe it is being a reason to stop curing your acne.

Bad Diets

Food affects a lot on our skin, and It can be a firm reason for your acne. What we eat is going to show on our face as benefits or disadvantages such as eating sugar cause inflammation in our body and harm our skin. If you have acne, then you should avoid a lot of things in your diet. Many people as well started selling acne preventing, diets manuals on amazon and other places. However, You didn’t have to buy anything, as I am going to share with you, what foods you have to avoid and what foods can become beneficial for you in the solution section below. 

Clogged Pores

Pores are the small opening on our skin throw that sweat & oil came out of our skin and when they get closed by dead skin cells or some other causes then in this condition we called them clogged pores, and This condition is what leads to acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. It happens because dirty bacterias or dirt didn’t be able to get out of our skin. There are a lot of things or methods to open our clogged pores, and you can do them at the comfort of your home.  


Acne also occurs in poor hygiene condition such as if you didn’t wash your pillows, and every night you rub your face on it, then there are high chances of occurring acne on your face. Hygiene is not only crucial for getting rid of acne but in other areas as well. Poor hygiene also destroys your style and make you unattractive. People become less like to get close to you as an unhygienic person, and even we didn’t want to talk with any person who didn’t appeal neat & clean to us.

You have to find what primarily effects on your face from all of these causes and When you have found a particular reason for your acne, then you can consider below solutions according to your problem to get rid of acne.


Reduce stress.

Reducing stress seems a firm task to complete, but It is much feasible then you think. There are only a few things you have to do regularly with complete intention, and you can control your stress levels. Meditation is a crucial step to overcoming most of the things related to our mind, and stress comes into them. Learn to do meditation properly, and you are good to go. Travelling or moving out into green places, spending a little time of your day in any green place can dramatically improve your life and decrease your stress. 

Better Diet & foods to eat.

Some foods that cause acne are refined grains and sugars, rice noodles, bread, cereals, desserts, pasta, white rice, sugarcane, honey, sodas, some dairy products, fast food items, food contains omega-6 fats, chocolates, and whey protein powder. These all are foods to avoid in acne conditions. If you have acne, you should not eat the foods listed above. However, by saying no to these foods, you can eat other things instead of them.

UnClogged Pores.

You know that clogged pores become a reason for acne so, we are going to unclogged pores so that bacterias & dirt came of our skill tiny pores and after that, by washing our face we can clean it and reduce or ditch the chances of occurring acnes. For unclogging pores, You can take steam. Meanwhile, You can take it at your home by boiling water in any large utensil, and when vapours start coming out of it put your face above of it but take care that it doesn’t feel too hot, If it feels too hot then, closed your gas or conduction or on whatever thing you are boiling water.

Become More Hygienic.

You can do some specific things to become more hygienic, and These things will also be going to reduce the chances of happening acne. Seamlessly, there are those things:

  • Clean your pillow covers each week.
  • You do not have to touch your face continually or wash your hands 7-8 times in a day. 
  • Take a shower after workout.
  • Clean your surroundings.
  • Wash your towel each day.
  • Clean your phone at night every day.
  • Do not pop or play with your current acne.
  • Clean your Hairs and If you are using products in your hairs, take care that it doesn’t touch with your face.
  • Clean your Glasses.