How To Grow A Proper Beard | 8 Confident Steps To Follow

Everyone wants a proper beard for themselves that makes them attractive & handsome. Researches have proved that the individuals who have beard appeal more charming than individuals who didn’t, because it adds structured into our Face, and made it appear more align. Our Face appears attractive with a proper beard as it creates a visual appeal of having a defined jawline. 

Meanwhile, you can appeal handsome & muscular without beard unless you have a structured Face with the jawline. However, most of us didn’t have that, for this reason having a proper beard is the best way to counter it. In this article, You will learn everything about “How to grow a proper beard.” 

There are 8 Tips to Grow a Proper Beard.

How To Grow a Proper Beard


Before stating our guide to grow a proper Beard, You have to know that It is a long process and You need to be patient to nail it. Sometimes, You will feel itching while growing your beard, Sometimes, Your beard will not look as you want, and Sometimes, You barely want to trim it, But You have to commit to growing a proper beard.

You need to pass through this process, and You need to handle all of these or even more problems if you want a subtle beard. It is a usual process that everyone needs to complete. However, We have mentioned some ways below in this article to make this process feasible as much as possible.

Stop Applying Lots of Product.

The most common mistake people do is they think that If they apply lots of products on their bread or apply different types of oils than their beard will start growing more faster. However, They are destroying the process of raising a better beard by filling it with chemical oils & products. It can reduce your chances of growing a healthy beard and can cause some skin problems. Seamlessly, Ingoner applying lots of products. If you crave for products, then you can use vitamin-E oil on your beard for few times in a week. 

Boost Your Testosterone.

You have to boost your testosterone. It can increase hair production of your body and also make the process of growing hairs faster. There are some ways to boost your testosterone such as Do more workout, Lift weights, Eat proteins, carbs & fats. You have to reduce your stress levels and cortisol levels, you can do it by eating fruits such as blueberries and pomegranate. Vitamin-D is also crucial for increasing testosterone. You can get it from the sun or by taking vitamin-D supplements. Aftermost, You should need a lot of rest and high-quality sleep. 

Exfoliate Your Beard

You need to clean your beard and the skin underneath it. Sometimes usually individuals forget that they have skin underneath their beard that they have to exfoliate to get a better and healthy beard without itching, acne, pimples or any other problems. You can use any face scrub cream to exfoliate the skin under your beard, and The way you have to follow is “try to scrub it around all the area of your beard ( do it gently) and clean your beard properly.”

Biotin, Vitamin-A, B.

Biotin, Vitamin-A, B are the best things you can consume to boost your process of growing a subtle beard. Biotin helps a lot in growing hairs. It increases the speed of growing hair in our body. However, If you take biotin supplements, it can help you a lot in increasing the growth of your bread.

Further, Vitamin-A loss can lead to hair loss that’s why you need vitamin-A in your diet. You can get it from sweet potatoes and carrot. You will also need vitamin-B12, and It has lots of benefits regarding hair health. You can get this vitamin from meat and fishes. Meanwhile, If you are vegetarian, then you need supplements.

Moisturize your beard.

As I have mentioned that you shouldn’t need to use lots of products, but still you need to Moisturize your beard. You will need to buy a better & quality Moisturizer, and You have to apply that on your beard to make it healthy and organize. It can also hydrate the skin underneath your beard and prevent many skin problems such as acne, pimples, rases or others by providing nutrients. 

Stop Trimming.

Sometimes things don’t go as we want, the desired appeal we need from our beard, we didn’t get that so for that reason individuals usually trim their beard. Meanwhile, this becomes a big mistake that they do, and from that point, They have to grow their beard again, and They need to wait for a few more weeks, that is what makes this process frustrating. Seamlessly, To avoid this process & mistake, you need to ditch the whole concept of trimming your beard. You have to wait for as long as possible, and When You achieve the desired length of bread you want, then you can tweak it according to your needs.

Smoking/More Water/Sleep.

Smoking can cause hair loss, and Everyone knows how much worse it is for our overall health. If you have this habit, then consider leaving it behind to save your life. However, besides that, You have to stay hydrated, that’s why you can consider drinking more water through your day and eat citrus fruits. Citrus fruits have filled with juices, so they are going to make you hydrated and also provide you with vitamin-c that is best for your immune system and skin.

You will also need to sleep well. Sleep is work that our body needs to recover. It can also make you stress-free and going to promote your hairs growths. Meanwhile, You need to avoid using your phone at night because the light your phone produce prevents your body to get better sleep.