How To Improve Your Communication Skills | 6 Best Techniques

Communication is a process what allows us to express or share our thoughts and ideas with others. It is an astounding thing when you can think about it in deep. However, sometimes, When you find that you are not a subtle communicator, and You need to improve your communication skills. Because people didn’t focus on your talk, or You didn’t be able to share your ideas & thoughts in your communication, or You want that you feasibly negotiate with people like professionals, and They respect you. This article covers 6 Necessary things you need to improve your communication skills and become a better negotiator.

There are 6 Things to Improve your Communication skills.

Improve your Communication Skills,
Improve Your Communication Skills

Listen to others.

When you have to improve your communication skills, so that, people listen and focus on what you are talking about, then You have to become silent. You have to stop talking and consciously listen to another person what he/she is saying. However, If you remain listened, and You hear what your counterpart or in front person is saying, then If you talk after that, based on what you have known by in-front person talk and your thoughts on it, then he/she will focus & carefully listen to what you are saying.

Listening to others is necessary because it provides you with information on that bases you can make considerable communication between each other.

Open-Ended Question.

Open-Ended questions are an enormously powerful tool in communication, especially with strangers. These questions will help you in acquiring a lot’s of information from anyone, and In talking, information regards your counterpart is everything. You can talk hours with strangers, If you have information about them, based on that and They will enjoy talking with you because as you are using their knowledge, and They will feel like your conversation is about them, and Everyone wants to hear about them.

There is a little instance of an open-ended question, imagine you saw a beautiful girl, outside of piano coaching centre Yesterday, and You see her today as well. You use our tool that “Hey, Can you learn piano, I saw you, yesterday outside piano coaching centre,” and In this situation, She has to give a Full-Proof response and She will give unless she didn’t have hurry for anything. However, based on her answer, You can make a simple relationship with her by taking, and later you can elevate it. 

Subtle Voice With A Smile.

As your body language expose little-bit what you are thinking in your mind such as that, Your tone of voice express in which mood you are when you are talking. Meanwhile, You can use that for your advantage and by speaking in a mid-tone voice usually in which you talk, when you are happy and with a subtle smile on your face, Is going to improve your conversation a lot. 

People will find talking with you easy, and They will understand what you are talking about and You will also realise that conversationing with others become feasible for you.


Mirrors are so much useful in conversation and making trust. The Mirror is a technique in negotiating, and It has commonly done to show others that you are listening to them. It has also used for building trust and saying no without saying it. Mirroring is repeating each other, You can do it, by repeating body languages, expressions, words in a sense on a particular situation or thing(Most useful and what we need). 

For instance, Yesterday, You have to visit your friend because he said, It’s crucial, but by some issue. You didn’t visit him, and Now he comes yelling on you, “Why didn’t you came yesterday.” However, In a usual normal voice with a face of missing something, You throw a mirror by saying, “I didn’t visit you yesterday,” and You keep 2-3 sec silence, Now, Your friend has to say something, and He will give you a full-proof answer on why he called you Yesterday, and What you have missed. 

Now, You can see by mirroring You didn’t say no but, You expresses the feel of it to him that you didn’t visit him in this conversation and without shouting on you, he will give you an answer for it, and based on that answer you can fix this situation. Mirrors are so powerful when you learned to use them.

Tactical Empathy.

Tactical Empathy is another so much powerful technique, and It has used for gaining trust and making your counterpart consider in yourself. If you master this, then Everyone will talk with you politely, and Everyone will believe in your ideas and you. Tactical Empathy is making an idea or summary based on your counterpart situation so, that you can address that idea to your counterpart and show Empathy.

For Instances, You work in an office, and The boss of that office made some moves that make that office in the wrong position. Meanwhile, Everyone starts blaming your boss, but You made a move. You predict that what is your boss situation, “He would be feeling guilty because of his wrong moves, but At least, he did that for the well of his office in his mind.” So, by predicting situation, You use the Tactical Empathy and addresses to your boss that, “Boss, If I were in your position. I felt same as you do, but I believe in you, You work hard and whatever you did is only for the success of this office, and I know you will fix all these things and Again Start the process to make this office successful, and I am with you.” 

In your talk, You understands and address the situation of your boss, and You said that you are with him, and You made your boss believe in himself that will make your boss believe in yourself, and Probably, he will promote you to your next position.


It is possible to make an actual conversation (bad or good) with others if you don’t know any of the techniques mentioned in this article. However, But If you didn’t have confidence in yourself, then You can’t make a subtle conversation even If you knew these techniques. Furthermore, These techniques will be going to help you in building self-confidence in the first place, and after that, You can start making subtle conversation by using them, If you didn’t have confidence.

If you want to build your confidence fast, then You have to start talking with strangers & beautiful girls by using the techniques mentioned in this article. At first, You will find it hard to do and sometimes weird, but as you will practice more and more, You will become fluent in these techniques and build your confidence.

Some of the content in this article is from Cris Voss Book “Never Split the Difference