How to Improve Your Hair Health | 8 Best Cure

Changing your hairstyle can change your appearance. Our hairs drastically effect on our appearance and how we look. However, some people are struggling with some hair problems such as hair loss, weak hairs, dandruff, itching in the scalp, dry hairs, oily scalp and fizzy hairs. In this article, I am going to introduce you to 8 Things to improve your hair health which are going to eliminate all things problem. From 8 things choose things which are a cure for your problems.

There 8 Things To Improve Your Hair Health.

How to Improve Your Hair Health.
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Organic Coconut Oil.

Organic Coconut oil has several benefits for hairs. It fights with fungal infections on our scalp, which means you can use it in dandruff as a cure. You can also use it as heat protector before hair drying your hairs. It also helps in split end situations. If you are using coconut oil consistently, then it can benefit in improving strength of your hairs and make them even stronger. Aftermost, your hairs are going to grow faster.


You will need supplements if you want to level-up your hair game. However, you can eat healthy food but that is going to take time. Make these precautions before taking supplements don’t intake extensive amount of vitamins. Consider concerning from your doctor. Meanwhile, you need Vitamin-C, D, E, Iron and Zinc to enhance your hair health. You can eat citrus fruits through your entire day for Vitamin-C.

You can prefer to go for a walk, cycling or just get out of your house around 6 am to 10 am under sun for vitamin-D. Aftermost, start eating food and drinking water in zinc utensils for zinc, which is a tradition in India very beneficial. Spinach and green leafy vegetables are rich in iron. There you have a way of getting all these vitamins and for boosting up things you can use supplements but concern with your doctor.

Brushing Your Hairs.

Brushing your hairs is crucial as it cleans your hairs & improves your scalp health. Brushing your hairs health in preventing breakage and damage with your hairs. It increase blood flow in your hairs. It is necessary to brush your hairs twice in a day to improve your hair health.

Caster Oil.

Caster oil is best for preventing hair fall. If you massage your hairs & scalp with caster oil, then it promote the growth of your hairs. It also cures dry scalp. Apply caster oil one in a week to improve your hair growth and prevent hair loss.

More Protein.

Protein is necessary for hairs, because most of the hair comprises protein. If your diet has loss of protein, then you can face hair loss and weak hairs. In conclusion, you can eat more protein. There are some protein rich sources which you can add in your diet. For vegans people, you can eat dairy products such as (milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese), soya products, beans, lentils, nuts and whole grains. For Non-vegans: fish, chicken, prawns, beef, lamb, and eggs.

Apple cider vinegar.

If you have dandruff in your hairs, then Apple cider vinegar can become a cure for it. Drinking a tee spoon apple cider vinegar mixing with a glass of water can help you a lot. If you wash your hairs with a little-bit of apple cider vinegar after shampoo, then it can make your hairs smooth and it also holds your scalp PH level, which improve hair health drastically.

Cold Shower.

Cold shower is so much beneficial for our hairs. However, first by taking cold showers, you save your hairs & scalp from taking hot showers which destroys your scalp health and result in hair losses. Meanwhile, Cold shower helps in locking moisture in your hairs & scalp. Taking cold showers regularly can tighten the root of hair follicles, which decrease hair loss. Cold shower results in making your hair shinier, healthier and stronger by decreasing inflammation.