How To Improve Your Looks | 7 Easy Steps to Makeover

Most of the People see transformation or makeover “Before & After” pictures of people on Instagram or other social medias. In the “Before” picture individuals look ugly, childish or unattractive, but in “After” picture you can see that Individual appeal attractive & handsome. First, most of the images are real and you can improve your looks also by focusing on some major things. However, it will take time and you need to become consistent. If you are following and practising things mentioned below, then you will start seeing changes in a few months based on your condition.

There 7 things to improve your looks.

improve your looks

Nutrition & Digestion.

Nutrition & Digestion plays an important role in our appearance. Because if we are better from inside, then our appearance will become better from outside automatically. Start with nutrition, Our body needs nutritions according to its condition so you need to find requirements of your body. You need to make your meal according to your needs.

Meanwhile, finding exactly what your body needs is hard that’s why the simple way is to eat only healthy things and ditch junk food from your routine. The best favor you can do for yourself is stop eating burger, pizza, or any other fast food. These foods affect wrong on our skin. If you are eating these, then your digestion will going to suffer.

Further, if your digestion is bad, then it will be so hard for you to look better. Start replacing unhealthy outside fast food with fruits and fill your diet with nutritions vegetables and chew them properly while eating. It will improve health of your digestion system. However, with following all the things, you can take a glass of special homemade drink to boost entire process. The proper way to make that drink is to mix a tee spoon of apple cider vinegar, and little-bit of lemon juice in a glass of lukewarm water.

Experiment With Hairs.

Your appearance is going to enhance, If you found right hairstyle for yourself. However, for that, first you have to find out which face-shape you have. Second, you need to experiment with few hairstyles which are suitable for your face-shape. Meanwhile, when you will find few hairstyles those suits you, then you can switch between those to look more stylish and attractive. Hairstyles play an important role in your appearance so, by nailing this step you can see transformation happening by yourself.

Sense Of Style

This is a major step that can make or break your looks. If you want to improve your looks, then you have to develop your sense of style. In developing your sense of style, you need to follow some steps, those are going to enhance your thinking towards fashion. There are following steps you can follow to improve your sense of style.

  1. You need to know about making better outfits & essentials. This is a vast topic, so this article will going to help you.
  2. You need to experiment with whatever you are learning from the step 1 article. This can help in converting your knowledge into practicality.
  3. You need to click your photos and upload those on social medias. However, you also have to follow big Instagram fashion icons so that you can develop your sense of style by seeing their pictures. Meanwhile, Uploading your pictures will teach you what mistakes or improvements you are doing.


In improving your looks, Daily Exercise is going to become your best friend. It is going to improve your appearance physically. You will look and become more attractive, healthy and muscular. However, if you can afford to go to gym, then you can do it but If not then it is not crucial. You can use your garden, extra space in your home, or parks near your home. After you have found a better place for you, then you can start with your workout.

In the start, go slow, choose a 10 mins workout for a week, then enhance it add little hard exercises into your workout. First, build a habit of doing workout, then you can do intense workout without being frustrated. It will help you in becoming consistent. You can use YouTube to find an appropriate workout for yourself.


Hygiene is a simple step, but it will improve your looks a lot. If you are not hygienic, then no one will want to talk with you, and be with you. However, think about it, If someone is standing in front of you and you can smell bad breaths from his mouth, then Can you want to stand nearby him anymore. Meanwhile, that’s why you need to take care of your hygiene and do it properly. There are few things that you need to focus on for being hygienic.

  1. You need to clip your nails in every 9-12 days. In order to make your hands look clean.
  2. Brush your teeth in circular motions twice in a day. Choose a better toothpaste which works not which taste better and change your brush in every 3 months.
  3. You also have to remove unnecessary hairs on your face such as under your neck, between your eyebrows, in your ears and hairs those are popping in out from your nose. You also have to remove your shoulders hairs, use trimmer down there, and hairs on your biceps.
  4. Aftermost, have a proper skincare routine for yourself to clean your face. There is video guide for skincare routine.


When you are wearing clothes, you need to consider about fitting of those. No matter how much expensive or cheap your clothes are, if they are not appropriate for your size, you will not look better in those. You need to wear clothes those are perfect on your size not loose and not tight. Your clothes should appeal like those have made for you. If your clothes are not appropriate for your size, then consider bringing them to a tailor. However, make tailors your friend if you want to look better because you will need them a lot in tweaking your clothes. If you will master this step, then you can elevate your style easily.


Aftermost, Better & Quality shoes are necessary to improve your looks. However, if you are from individuals who wear colorful, bulky or big shoes then from now, you need to follow the opposite. Spend money on your shoes and at least have 3 pairs of shoes. One for sports activities, other one classic sneaker such as converse, vans old skool or white leather sneakers. Last have a classic leather formal shoe such as monk strap or oxford. These 3 types of shoes are necessary and you have to wear them according to the occasions.