How To Learn Anything Fast | 7 Best & Tested Methods

In our world, skills are the most crucial, and our parents send us to school since our childhoods because of it. For instance, we want to school and get good grades so that we can get enrol in a big university where we learn about our desire skill and get a degree that tells others that we are qualified and later get a job. However, there are so many skills available that we required in our life, and learning skills takes time & practice, but there are some methods that professionals use to learn anything fast & effective. They use these methods to not only for learning fast but also efficiently. In this article, I am going to share 7 Rules that improve & boost the learning process.

There 7 Methods to Learn anything Fast.

Learn anything fast

Strong Basics.

Whatever skills you are learning basics of its, are always crucial. You have to master the basic more than anything, and after that, You can move to its next level. Basics are what decides how expert you can become in how much less time and Basics also helps in making a strong base of whatever skill you are learning, and after that, you can feasibly move to the next level. Meanwhile, you will be going to become much friendly with your skill next level because your basics will be firm. 

Divide into Parts.

You have to divide skill that you are learning into parts so that You can only focus on a specific section of it for a particular time. For instance, You are learning English writing skill, and There are lots of things you have to master such as better grammar, reading is necessary, practising writing paragraphs, vocabulary, and even more writing practice. 

However, we are going to divide our skill into 4 Parts as it has four things in it that we need to master to nail it, so, we are going to focus on improving our grammar only for a specific time such as an hour, and then we will move to the next part that is reading. We will read for a particular time, and then we will go to practice others 2 Parts as same as we did with these above parts for a specific time. Meanwhile, You have to use this method after you have already learned the basics, and In this skill, grammar is the basic on the bases of that we used to write, so in this case, you have to master grammar skills first and then use this method for further development.  

Multiple Times.

Now, You have to learn about doing the practice of your skill multiple times in a day for short periods. For instance, As we talked previously about dividing our skills into parts now, you have to add further some breaks into those specific parts so that you didn’t overwhelm your mind and forget to enjoy it. Practising anything without taking a break for too long, can make our mind feel tried and reduce the ability of its to learn anything fast & effectively. Meanwhile, because of it, you have to practice your skills multiple times for short periods in a whole day instead of practising for 2-3 hrs straight once in a day.

Have Fun.

When you are learning difficult & high skill that requires other people to years to master, then If you didn’t have fun doing it or practising it, You didn’t enjoy it, then probably, It will be going to take so long & so hard to learn that skill for you. It doesn’t mean to ditch whatever you are learning right now if you are not enjoying it. Seamlessly, You can study how to enjoy whatever you are doing from this(Love what you are doing) article, or In reality, you have to find that you have fun in what you do after applying all thing from the above article.

Meanwhile, If you didn’t begin with anything yet, then you have to read Ikigai book first, and then you will know how to find things that you love to do or learn in your life. Furthermore, all must read Ikigai book because You can learn a lot of things from it. 

Dive Deep.

When you are learning about anything, You need to dive deep in that topic, try to gain as much as knowledge possible. For instance, If you are learning about sketching then research everything related to it. Try to test everything practically, ask a lot of questions of about it such as how many pencils of shading are there, how you can do shading, why you need shading, the right form of doing shading, how to use shading in your art and more. 

If you try to learn everything about your skill and ask lots of questions from yourself about it, then You can become an expert in it in a shorter period than others, and at the end, You will have much broad knowledge in your skill.

Practice more.

Practising more is a universal truth nothing can change it, However, if you use everything from this article with it, then the magic will going to happen, and with less practice, you can achieve more. Seamlessly, we recommend to hard work by using dividing, multiplying & other techniques from this article because It is what going to change your hard work into smart work. 

Find Experts.

You can boost your learning if you can become able to contact an expert in your skill, and You can learn a lot of things from him/her, you can get an idea of mistakes that maybe you will do in future in advance. You can also know from him/her on which thing you need to focus a lot, What matters most or What matters less. You can also get pretty good advice from him/her on the problems you are facing regards to learning. An Expert can be a game-changer for you if you can manage to get him/her to help you.