How To Look Good In Every Picture | 7 Remarkable Rules

Probably, You sees that a few individuals and those celebrities always look good in every picture, but When you take a pic of yours, You look ugly as uncle john, and Why it’s happening? The answer is, These Individuals and celebrities put efforts in a few rules, those are necessary and effective to make you look good in every picture of yourself. However, These are also must known rules in this period, where we have always surrounded by cameras and social media. If you practice and learn all the things in this article, then You can’t find any bad picture of yourself in future.

There are 7 Rules To Look Good In Every Picture.

Look Good In Every Picture,

Find Your Angles.

You have to find the best angles of your face, and It would be the sides or angles from where your face appears most attractive. For instance, my left side of face look better in pictures, then my right, and If I click selfies from the downside (slightly below from my face) picture comes better and I look much better in selfies.

Now, You probably understands, “the best angles of the face.” However, You have to learn how you can find those angles in your face, and for nailing it, You have to stands in front of the mirror and assess your face from every possible direction, try to see every side of your face and try to find from which sides your face look better. There is one more method, and This method is more effective. Try to click photos from every side of your face, and after clicking pictures, assess which photos look most better, and You will find the best angle of your face.

Purpose Of Photo.

When you shall see pictures, You will find that the most astounding one have their purpose. Those pictures tell their stories to throw their visualization, and that is what makes them different from other photos. The Photo appeals much understandable and better when you click it for its purpose, and not randomly. For instance, You try a new hairstyle, and You click a picture of it, Now, that picture has It own purpose, and You can tell others appropriately, why You take that picture.

Aftermost, When you are taking a photo, try to find its purpose. However, purpose or story of the picture could be a simple as, “You are drinking a tasty coffee” to “Today, Is your birthday, or You bought a new car.”

Good Posture.

Good posture is crucial in nailing an adorable photograph. It is what decides how active or how energetic you look in your picture, But if you didn’t have It, in a better way, then It can become a difficulty. If you are taking a photograph in which you find its purpose and You are also using your best angles, but your posture is not better, then You can’t see energy in your picture, and Your photograph feels like something is missing.

However, in consequences, You have to learn about better posture, and You have to keep that posture in your photographs. As it is crucial, and I want you to learn everything about it, but covering everything in this article made this article overwhelming that’s why there is you have an article on, “How to get good posture.” You can read it after this article. 

Face Lights.

The lights play a crucial role in photography. You can see a bunch of big lights set-up on a set of the photographer to fill the picture with necessary brightness, so It appeals much bright and better. Meanwhile, You also need lights in your photos so that your photos also appear much youthful, energetic and better. However, You didn’t need big set-ups, You can feasibly use your home lights or nature lights for bringing that contrast into your photos. 

Furthermore, When you are taking a picture of yourself and wants to find proper light. 

If you are inside your home,

Turn on every possible tube lights or bulbs into your place, open windows and by facing your face in front of your phone camera take 360 rotate slowly and try to find in which angle you got the best light into your picture.

If you are outside,

You only have to take the 360 rotate in front of your phone camera slowly, and You have to estimate in which angle your phone camera gets better light, and You picture appeal better.

Master 3-5 Posses.

Everyone knew about that posses are crucial because these decide how you will look in your picture, and what you will address by your photograph. If you are wondering about you need to learn new posses whenever you click a picture of yourself then It is not necessary. You only have to learn 3-5 posses, When You are taking photos, you can modify those posses by your surroundings, and Your pictures will appeal astonishing.

Smile More.

Smiling more is a key here, You can see lots of individuals don’t smile in their photos, They usually make an angry face or simple without any expression, but If you are smiling in your photos. It will express your personality to others throw your photos, and by smiling, you can appeal more attractive in your pictures. When people shall see your photograph with a subtle smile, It also makes them feel better, and They try to express that happy behaviour towards you, and You will get more engagement on your photograph.

Learn To Edit.

Photo editing is an essential part of taking a better photograph. You can’t find any individual whose photos are better but never edited, everyone from fashion icons, celebrities to simple people edit their photos, and editing can transition your pictures from ordinary to a piece of art. However, Nowadays, Learning editing is minor. You can learn basic photo editing in an hour if you never edit a picture before in your life.

You can find apps Snapseed, Photoshop, and Lightroom for learning basic photo editing and You have only required basic photo editing to make your photos appear astonishing If you applied all the rules from above in your photograph.